Aldo/ Free Spirit Festival China 2018 Kids FreeStyle Judge Show

Aldo/ Free Spirit Festival China 2018 Kids FreeStyle Judge Show

Straight End Battles | Aldo | Hip Hop | Judge demo | 2k17


FSF 2017 MUSICOLOGY Judgedemo extra round Majid, Slim Boogie, Mamson, Airdit, Aldo, Ben, Flockey

July 24-30
Dusseldorf, Tanzhaus NRW Germany

** Day 6 of the Free Spirit Festival 2017 - Musicology Battle**

Musicology is a Mixstyle Battle Concept based on the individuality and musicality of the moment. The Judges do not judge the standard categories like Hip Hop, Poppin, Locking etc. Instead we categorize by Music Genre so that the Dance is always free.

Judges: Slim Boogie, Majid, Mamson

The Free Spirit Festival is a unique experience of Hip Hop culture, bringing together dancers from all around the world, providing an excellent opportunity to get a well-rounded perspective on urban dance:
7 days full of Workshops, Showcases, Battles, Jams and Party!

Facebook: Free Spirit Urban Dance Festival
Instagram: @freespiritfestival

Champion the Best Winter 2017 | Hip Hop Semis | Aldo vs. Miracle
Aldo Style | Playin with Chi | ChenKangFilms


Aldo Style

Music by BBoy Tim

Battlefield 2016 | Hip Hop Finale | Ben& Aldo vs Jimmy & Joker

Jimmy Yudat & Joker Yudat (Paris,France )

Battlefield 2016 | Hip Hop Semifinale | Ben & Aldo vs Miracle & Beckz

Winner: Ben & Aldo (Bad Newz, Düsseldorf)

Next Urban Legend 2016 / Demi finale Hip hop / Aldo vs Dedson (Winner)
Découvrez le concept du Next Urban Legend "4 Styles, 1 Urban Legend!" Battle 1VS1 Hip hop / Break / Lock / Pop Next Urban Legend facebook ► Site internet ► Remerciement: • DJ Bironnex • Legendes Urbaines crew • 64Move Contact: Thanks for watching, join us !
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