Bboyizm – Music Creates Opportunity (Highlights)

Featuring traditional street dances including rocking, b-boying, house dancing and pantsula, Bboyizm deliver precise and mastered techniques, explosive movement, synchronicity, and individualism exploring the intersection of rhythm, expression and community in the making of music and dance.

Bboyizm Dance Company was founded by artistic director and choreographer Crazy Smooth in 2004. Smooth's vision for the company is to promote and preserve the foundation, authenticity, and true essence of all street dances. Bboyizm has toured Canada extensively since 2012 with its theatre repertoire, IZM and Music Creates Opportunity. The dance company is continuously engaged in community outreach and school performances of its educational show The Evolution of Bboying.

Choreographer: Crazy Smooth
Performers: Crazy Smooth, Julie Rock, Melly Mel, Miss Marie, NOSB, Soul Step, Strife, Wary the Warrior
Lighting: Valerie Gomes
Music Composition: Sajjad Musa and Nicolas Nocchi aka "Niko Noki"

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Breakin' Convention 2016 LONDON Hip Hop Dance Festival Official Recap

Breakin' Convention Festival 2016 London recap: Friday 29 April - Monday 2 May - the official BCTV recap, filmed by Ben Williams and Dan Lowenstein. Edited by Ben Williams.

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Breakin' Convention is the UK's festival of Hip Hop dance theatre, presenting dance from companies and crews across the globe. The three day festival has a packed programme of UK and world premieres, new and explorative hip hop theatre work, plus local acts, DJs, graffiti art, workshops, freestyling and much more! Breakin' Convention was hosted by Jonzi D and featured:

Compagnie Antoinette Gomis
Bandidas Crew
Boy Blue Entertainment
Damon Frost
Daughters of the Dragon
David Judge & Kendra Horsburgh
Enfants Prodiges
Far From The Norm
House of Absolute
Iron Skulls Co
Lanre Malaolu - Protocol Dance Dance Company
The Locksmiths
Myself UK Dance Company
The Ruggeds
Simple Cypher
Spoken Movement
Soweto Skeleton Movers
Take 1 Studios
Wayward Thread

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