Instinct Battle 2017 1/8 Finale HipHop Pirate Crew Vs Eloïse & Benji

Instinct battle édition 6
1/8 Finale Hip Hop
Pirate Crew vs Eloïse & Benji

Clara, Dedson, Stockos

Dj same One & Dj Kakashi

Speakers: Nasty & Steve Babeebash

Video: Karism production

Facebook: Rouen Instinc battle
Instagram: instinct_battle

BBoy BENJI KINGZ – The last warrior #4

BBoy BENJI KINGZ - The last warrior #4
Images Youval
Montage Benji & RStyle

Instinct Battle 5 – 1/8 Finale Hiphop – Jade & Skinny Vs Ceucri & Benji

Instinct Battle 5 Rouen
1/8 finale Hip hop:
Jade & Skinny (winner) vs Ceuri & Benji

Fabbreezy, Kapela, Bruce Ykanji

Dj's: Sam One & Asfalte

Speakers: Nasty & Steve Bash

Association Instinct
Facebook: Rouen Instinc battle

Next Urban Legend / Edition 2015 / Menno vs Benji
Chao 1st Flexum Bboy Casper Physicx Benji in China 2014
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Benji Originality Judge | R16 Korea 2014
BBoy Benji was the Originality Judge for the R16 World Finals 2014 R16 & UDEF Systems were used Subscribe! Like us on Facebook! : Follow us on Instagram! : Follow us on Twitter! : Buy some Merch! :
Differ, Lil G, Benji, Asia1, Storm | B-boy Judges Showcase | R16 World Finals 2014
The concept of RESPECT is the everlasting theme of this massive four-day event. Over 300 artists, musicians, grassroots-content creators, promoters, producers, urban enthusiasts, hip-hop heads and b-boys from around the world convene in Korea, in an attempt to provide the proper inspiration necessary to push the movement forward. What started out as a world-championship-level b-boy tournament has now evolved into a massive annual festival, which seeks to encompass all aspects of urban youth cultures, as the festival draws visitors and spectators not only from Korea, but also from different regions of Asia and the world. In 2007, the R16 World B-Boy Championships & Urban Arts Festival was launched as a means of answering a single, burning question: With the support of the government and nation, can grassroots, youth-based cultures like hip-hop and b-boying become profitable, self-sustaining industries? Can these underground movements embed themselves and maintain relevance in society and the mainstream media in Korea and throughout the world? Through the generous support of the Korea Tourism Organization, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the city of Incheon, this year's world-class festival will celebrate and demonstrate the power of youth and the positive possibilities a gathering of this nature can create. More than anything, this event is a testament to the notion that through dedication and passion, anything is possible. Despite all the conflicts and prejudices that exist in our world, we can still overcome our differences and unite as a group through dance.
Battle H QUALITY 2 – Demo BENJI – Juge Break
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