Castro v. Pocket – HOUSE OF EXILE BATTLE No.5 【May 19th 2018】
CPR v. Castro – HOUSE OF EXILE No.5 PRE-BATTLE 【May 19th 2018】
Marie Poppins v Castro HOUSE OF EXILE No.4 PRE-BATTLE
[Step Ya Game Up 2017] Castro v. Pop Shock (Popping Final)

Video/Photo: Digital Mynd Productions

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DSoul vs Castro | Popping Finals | Who’s Fakin’ Da Funk | #SXSTV
DSoul vs Castro | Popping Finals | Who's Fakin' Da Funk | #SXSTV Winner: DSoul Filmed by: Jake Gellis STEP x STEP: Uniting Dancers Around The World SXSAPP • SXSONLINE • SXSYOUTUBE • SXSYOUTUBE • SXSTWITTER • SXSFACEBOOK • SXSINSTAGRAM •
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