The Smash Up 2018 | House Semifinale || Pjay & Danny Son vs Matin & Oulouy

Winner: Pjay & Danny Son

The Smash Up 2018 | House Finale || Frashley & Marlen vs Pjay & Danny Son

Winner: Pjay & Danny Son

Battlefied 2017 | House Finale | Danny Son vs Pjay

Winner : Danny Son

Backyard Groove X Rabah feat. Danny Son X House Dance Exchange

Rabah, O-Trip House/ Paris, France and Danny Son, The Lawrays, Soul Rocket Crew/ Nuremberg, Germany decide to dance together while the break of the sdk central europe qualification 2016 in may in nuremberg.
A DJane was playing house music at the biergarten in the backyard. This spontaneous situation ends in a wonderful exchange!
music: Point G - Balea
(The DJ played this track on the day, but maybe a lil bit slower)

SDK Central Europe 2016 1vs1 HOUSE DANCE final battle

SDK Central Europe 2016 - Nürnberg, germany
1vs1 HOUSE DANCE final battle
DANNY SON / Germany vs SABIDO / Germany

Rabah / O-Trip House, Fr
RayBoom / Bad Newz MP, Ger
Farrah / Bandidas, Fr
Rob Lawray / Asia Power Crew, Ger

Big Punch / BAM Crew, Ger
Z-Bau, Nürnberg, Ger

UTMN 2015/2016 X Judgedemo House Dance X Andyboj & Danny Son Tanzmeisterschaft Nürnberg 2015/2016 Judgedemo House Dance Andyboj / Prag-CZ & Danny Son/ Nürnberg Location: Z-Bau, Frankenstraße 200, 90461 Nürnberg-GER
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