Psycho Style – Keep it Raw

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Filmed & Edited by
Daniel-Julien Inacio K.

GREENTECK & DARQK Infinite Force workshops!
Infinite Force presents:Hip hop and popping workshops with Greenteck & Darqk from Clean Fresh Air, Canada in Gdańsk, Poland!
Hip Hop Freestyle, World United Dancers.
HIP HOP FREESTYLE,WORLD UNITED matter where you come from. passion unites people of different races, religions and different sex. featuring: LOOSE JOINT (Elite Force-USA,Brooklyn NY) NIAKO (Legion X- FRANCE) BATALLA ( Dope Roc-GERMANY)) MARTHA NABWIRE (Soul Sweet) LEAH MCFLY (CANADA) DARQK (Sangwn Warriorz, Clean Fresh Air, Da Gentlemen, Brayn Storm Click-CANADA) KENTO (JAPAN) DROP (Crossover-SOUTH KOREA) JEKA (X Vibes crew-RUSSIA) DOUBLE STRUGGLE (MX,Rex,Sparta,Domek,Blues-ITALY) GUERRA (Cia Fusion-BRAZIL) SHAWLIN (MAROC) SPECIAL THANKS TO: ILL FLOW FOR THE FOOTAGE OF THE RUSSIAN PART. Track: Daron Beats Track 9 Karma Mixtape Outro: Melodiesinfonie Jass Pt. 52
Kiff Your Style 2015 – Hip-Hop Finals – DarQk vs JigSaw
Kiff Your Style DJ: Buddha Stretch Judge: Kefton Winner: DarQk
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