Hip Hop battle semi final Ben & Franky Dee vs Diablo & Stalamuerte

AccorHotels Arena [Paris, France]

DANCERS: Ben & Franky Dee (Dusseldorf) VS Diablo & Stalamuerte (Geneva)
JUDGES: Dedson (Hip hop), Rashaad (Popping), Rickysoul (House dance) & Tash (Locking)
(The judge's vote in his own category counts tripe, others judges votes count twice & public vote count simple)
HOST: Bruce Ykanji & Nasty

Juste Debout 2018
AccorHotels Arena [Paris, France]

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The Hip Hop Dance Event of the Year: Juste Debout is an international Hip Hop “stand up” dances event, which brings together more than 4,000 dancers, selected after a 3 months international tour.
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Le Juste Debout est une rencontre internationale de danses Hip Hop dites « debout », qui réunit plus de 4 000 danseurs, sélectionnés après une tournée internationale de 3 mois.

Juste Debout Hip Hop Final 2018: Diablo & Stalamuerte vs. Niako & Icee

The Hip Hop category may be the most anticipated of Juste Debout. This year's finals feature the 2017 runners-up Diablo & Stalamuerte looking for a shot at redemption, but to do so they'll have to take out veteran competitors Niako & Icee.

Juste Debout, the world’s foremost street dance competition, returns for its 16th edition, bringing together elite dancers from several disciplines for a night of electrifying battles, all vying for a shot at the crown.


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Juste Debout Suisse 2018 | Hip Hop Final | Cooper & Voldo Vs LosDiablosDeLaMuerte

Cooper & Voldo Vs LosDiablosDeLaMuerte = Winner : LosDiablosDeLaMuerte

Diablo VS Niako (Judge) – Forzeconnexion Dance Battle 2017 Call Out Battle
Diablo & Stylez C vs P Dog & Franky D – Juste Debout 2017

AccorHotels Arena [Paris, France]

DANCERS: Diablo & Stylez C (Geneva) VS P Dog & Franky D (Amsterdam)
JUDGES: Scoo B Doo (Locking), Boogaloo Kin (Popping), Ben Wichert (Hip Hop), Kapela (House)
(The judge's vote in his own category counts twice)
HOST: Dandyguel & ADL

Juste Debout 2017
AccorHotels Arena [Paris, France]

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In an ambitious gamble, Bruce Ykanji (a prominent figure on the Popping scene), launched Juste Debout in 2002. The goal : Making Paris the worldwide centre for ‘standing’ dance forms, as opposed to the floor work embodied by the then-reigning king, Breakdance.

2017 Paris-Berlin Dance Festival | DIABLO (FRANCE) vs. SAM (USA) Joker 1v1 Judge Battle

Joker Battle at Dance Festival Paris-Berlin 2017
Top 8. Judges Battle
Winner: Diablo

DIABLO | The UNIQUE One | Dance Compilation 2017

Compilation of freestyle dance rounds of Diablo Premier
Intro: Troyboi - ili


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4th battle: STYLEZ C & DIABLO vs NELSON & JEAN BLESH | FINAL | Fusion Concept 2017 -

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6th and 7th battle: HIP HOP FINAL | Stylez C & Diablo VS Isaac & Dennis (MIK Family) - (Groove 'N' Move Festival)

8th battle: Stylez C & Diablo VS Emanu & Thiago - 1/8 HIP HOP FINALS - JUSTE DEBOUT 2017 - (JUSTE DEBOUT)

DIABLO & STYLEZ C | routines and sets | 2017

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