Tek.Lun – Shush | Choreography by Diana Matos and Shay Latukolan

We created this so freely. Shay is such a different mover and we clicked instantly. Thank you to everyone that came to class.

Shot and Edited by Topher Shrigley

Lando Wilkins || “Going to Work” by @HBKPLO
This was my summer fun routine for the intermediate students. We had so much fun acting a fool this past summer. In this video we just took it chill and rode the beat and lyrics without trying to over kill it or flood it with so much choreography. You do not need to do everything to every little beat or sound. Just relax bruh!! Of course like always i mixed in some humor for my own sake as well lol. F**k all yawl JK JK JK JK JK. Featured in the video are my two new to ya'll homies Sheela Awe and Diana Matos. Boxcuttuhz is on the rise again. Time to GO TO WORK. Hope you enjoy the fun and blast this track in a white neighborhood near you ;) Produced by Con Artist (Lando Wilkins & Manh Media)
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