Inxi v. E-Solo – HOUSE OF EXILE BATTLE No.5 【May 19th 2018】
Chrybaby v. E-Solo – HOUSE OF EXILE BATTLE No.5 【May 19th 2018】
Heatrock v. E-Solo – HOUSE OF EXILE No.5 PRE-BATTLE 【May 19th 2018】
[NY in LA] : Klassic | Angyil | E Solo | Havoc | Kai – Busta Rhymes "Touch it Remix"

Yo New York was out in LA so at 2AM we shot this in a garage.
Shout out to Angyil, Klassic, Kai, E Solo and Havoc!

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

LITE FEET | Artefakt
This video was by far the most hype shoot that we have had so far. These dudes dance for 25 minutes straight and we cut it down to these 6 minutes for you all!
Please watch this to the end, the dudes are amazing.
E Solo, Mr Youtube, Teeth, Chry Baby, Richie Rich, Qu Tip, Kai, Ed Solo & Dark Lyte.

Shout out to Moonculture films for the videography!

E Solo X Sylinsah [Team Rocket] | Artefakt

Two of the biggest names in Lite feet:
Sylinsah : @theFourSightedOne
E Solo: @esolo_tr

Film and Edit by Anthony Sugarmann
#shotbyANT @anthony.artefakt

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

Artefakt X Team Rocket – Lite Feet (E Solo, Richie RIch, Sylinsah, Q Tip & Dark Lyte)

We are very excited to share this video because This is our very first video we shot in New York City!
Featuring some of the dopest Lite Feet dancers in New York!
Some of the Dancers from Team Rocket:
E Solo, Sylinsah, Dark Lyte, Richie RIch & Q Tip!!

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