SOB x RBE & Kendrick Lamar – Paramedic! ft Chonkie, DJ, Strobe, Era, Grim & Leftside | Yak Films

Music "Paramedic!" by SOB x RBE & Kendrick Lamar off the Black Panther Album

Shoutout to Turfinc and the BlackJoy Parade in Oakland!

© YAK FILMS 2018

DDL NYC Pnut vs Era (Finger Circus Civil War) | YAK

Both Era and Pnuts fingers you may recgonize from Taylor Swift music videos and Android watch commericals! Now see them battle each other to represent their team, Finger Circus.

This event was organized by Ctut @chasingctut of Finger Circus @fingercircus. The Dexterity Dance League focuses on the illusionary dance styles of arms, hands, and fingers. We come around once a year, each time in a new location!
© YAK FILMS 2018

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Era (Finger Circus) on a trip with iPhone 8 + DJI Osmo Mobile 2 | YAK Films x Twice Baked Music

Music "Trips" by Tate Tucker
Song Produced by: Slant

Dancer: Era from Finger Circus testing out an early release model of the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 with an iPhone 8 and 8+ on his way to San Francisco, California.

Mustang Car @50gang_pnut

© YAK FILMS 2018

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