Popcity UK Vol.3 U16 Allstyles Final: Aaliyah vs Filo

Winner: Aaliyah

Maika vs Filo 1st ROUND BATTLES Hiphop Forever – Summer Dance Forever 2017

HIPHOP FOREVER - 20 August 2017

DANCERS: Maika (win) vs Filo
JUDGES: Ben, Icee & Physs
DJ'S: KC the Funkaholic & Yugson Hawks
HOSTS: John Agesilas & Lamine

Summer Dance Forever 2017
Amsterdam, Holland

Summer Dance Forever is an inner city urban dance festival where dancers from around the world gather in the city of Amsterdam, each year in August.

Seven days to enjoy an international dance feast, packed with the best of today and the great promises of tomorrow. Organized in several venues around town, expect a great variety of dance performances, next level battles and workshops to refresh and boost your skills. A true summer in one of Europe's hottest cities, soaked in dance, to be remembered forever. Forever...and ever...and ever...

Camera & Edit:
ROEMFILM - Leo van Emden

© Summer Dance Forever 2017

Willice vs Filo | House | HipHop Kingz 2017

HipHop Kingz 2017 -
Powered by Anthony Benjamin
May 28th, 2017 - 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Filmed and Edited by HRN Entertainment and SynCrewNized)

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Nastya & Andrey Stylez vs Filo & Brezze | BC ONE Austria 2017

hip hop 2x2 final
nastya & andreystylez(mad state\ukraine) vs filo & breeze(mik family\germany italy)

Dimension & Jeremy vs Gio & Filo/ Juste Debout AMSTERDAM 2017


Filo vs Andrey Stylez – MUSICOLOGY – 1/4 Final (Instrumental)

Winner: Arejay

July 13-17
Dusseldorf, Tanzhaus NRW Germany

** Day 4 of the Free Spirit Festival 2016 - Musicology Battle**

Musicology is a Mixstyle Battle Concept based on the individuality and musicality of the moment. The Judges do not judge the standard categories like Hip Hop, Poppin, Locking etc. Instead we categorize by Music Genre so that the Dance is always free.

DJs: DJ Joseph Wu, DJ Sam One, DJ Shampoo
Judges: Joseph Go, Gucchon, Ukay

The Free Spirit Festival is a unique experience of Hip Hop culture, bringing together dancers from all around the world, providing an excellent opportunity to get a well-rounded perspective on urban dance:
5 days full of Workshops, Showcases, Battles, Jams and Party!

Facebook: Free Spirit Urban Dance Festival
Instagram: @freespiritfestival

Me against the World | Mavinga vs Filo | House Semi Final



Me against the World:

ALDO ARDO vs FILO K.Mifa Hip Hop Dance Battle President Battle 2016 Snooty Tube

Aldo Ardo (Alan Da Silva; Flying Steps) vs. Filo K.Mifa Hip Hop Freestyle Dance Battle at President Battle 2016
President Battle was established by Arejay K.Mifa.
Categories: Hip Hop Dance, Popping Dance, B-Boy, House Dance
Judges: Ben Wichert (Hip Hop Dance)
Pepito (Popping Dance)
Adnan Artist (House Dance)
Lil Amok (B-Boy)
DJs: ShamPoo, Joseph Wu, Erhan, F-Zee

This is a Snooty Tube Video
This dance video is brought to you by Alfons Biedermann

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