Childish Gambino – Redbone ft Skitzo, Finger Circus, Nick Abat, Cheerito, Hermiz Dragon House | YAK

YAK in Atlanta, GA for Dexterity Dance League with music "Redbone" by Childish Gambino from his album "Awaken, My Love!"
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Thank you to Chase Lindsey aka CTUT for putting on another great event, and thank you to all ATL dancers for representing some the most innovative dancing in the scene right now!

© YAK FILMS 2017

Hermiz (Dragon House) vs Flashdrive in Atlanta | Dexterity Dance League | YAK

All styles battle in Atlanta, GA, at Dexterity Dance League 2017 presented by Ctut (Finger Circus)

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This was one of the livest underground battles we had been to in a while and we know this particular match up was expected by fans for some time now! Two of the most flexible bboys in the world showing their technique at an all styles battle designed to showcase the most unique talent!

Filmed by YAK, thanks to Batisse Le Tennoux!

UD5.5 | Hermiz Dragon House Judge Showcase

Ultimate Dancer 5.5 All Styles Dance Competition Atlanta, Ga
Location: Waba Replay (Gwinnett Place Mall)
Hermiz Dragon House Judge Showcase

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