Hip Hop Freestyle, World United Dancers.
HIP HOP FREESTYLE,WORLD UNITED matter where you come from. passion unites people of different races, religions and different sex. featuring: LOOSE JOINT (Elite Force-USA,Brooklyn NY) NIAKO (Legion X- FRANCE) BATALLA ( Dope Roc-GERMANY)) MARTHA NABWIRE (Soul Sweet) LEAH MCFLY (CANADA) DARQK (Sangwn Warriorz, Clean Fresh Air, Da Gentlemen, Brayn Storm Click-CANADA) KENTO (JAPAN) DROP (Crossover-SOUTH KOREA) JEKA (X Vibes crew-RUSSIA) DOUBLE STRUGGLE (MX,Rex,Sparta,Domek,Blues-ITALY) GUERRA (Cia Fusion-BRAZIL) SHAWLIN (MAROC) SPECIAL THANKS TO: ILL FLOW FOR THE FOOTAGE OF THE RUSSIAN PART. Track: Daron Beats Track 9 Karma Mixtape Outro: Melodiesinfonie Jass Pt. 52
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