Jaja & BDash | FrontRow | World of Dance Arizona 2018 | #WODAZ18

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Jaja vs Taminator | Quarter-Final | Fair Play Dance Camp 2016 | All Styles Battle | #13

*** - to learn more about the biggest educational dance festival in Europe.

*** - for online dance tutorials created by the best choreographers in the world.

From 8th to 18th of August 2016, the 10th edition of Europe's biggest educational dance festival will take place. This event is co-created by the best dancers, great teachers and amazing participants from all over the globe.

Every dance lover, regardless of age or skills, is welcome to join a complete training with elements of many different styles, combined with a huge amount of motivation and entertainment. We have prepared many new attractions: the second dance room (street-style), "The Boost" sessions, meetings and new evening events. All in one campus in a middle of a vibrant, historic city of Kraków.

Dream team of Fair Play Dance Camp 2k16:

1. Tricia Miranda [USA]
2. Keone & Mari [USA]
3. Shaun Evaristo [USA]
4. Paradox [Netherlands]
5. Ian Eastwood [USA]
6. Salah [France]
7. Lyle Beniga [USA]
8. Laure Courtellemont [France/USA]
9. Hollywood [USA]
10. Kaellyn Harris [USA]
11. Kenzo Alvares [Netherlands]
12. Lando Wilkins [USA]
13. Brian Puspos [USA]
14. Tony Tzar [USA]
15. Marissa Osato [USA]
16. Jaja Vankova [USA]
17. Kapela Marna [France]
18. Lia Kim [South Korea]
19. Duc Anh Tran [Hungary]
20. Baiba & Alisa [Latvia / Estonia]
21. Les Twins [France]

Complete and detailed information, prices and registration available at:

Follow us:
user snapchat: fpdancecamp


DJ Mesia [Germany]
Host: MC Trix [UK]

Kapela Marna [ France]
Lando Wilkins [USA]
Lia Kim [South Korea]
Edited by:
Borys Dubiański

Michał Wilk(Evil Wolf Studio)
Michał Kruk
Grzegorz Gross

Step Ya Game Up 2016] Jaja v. Precise (Poppin' Top 4)

Video/Photo: Digital Mynd Productions

JAJA | FRONT ROW | World of Dance, Los Angeles 2016 | #WODLA16
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