JRock and Poppin K in China

Going through the styles with my student Poppin K from Taiyuan, China.

My students will learn to respect all styles, and how to get down and freestyle within ONE style...then how to mix them all together.

EB Fam Style


Puppet Style Solo from the online tutorial series. Full lessons available at:

JRock vs Kid Boogie [popping finals] // .stance x Freestyle Session 2016

.stance popping finals at Freestyle Session between JRock and Kid Boogie

winner: Kid Boogie

JRock Popping 2016

Getting down to some Madlib

JRock (Popping/Scarecrow/Toyman/Animation)

Changing styles and feels.

JRock Judge Showcase Hip Hop International Italy

JRock ABM. Judge showcase from Hip Hop International Italy 2016. Judging the choreography competition but showing that Choreographers in Hip Hop should be able to showcase a freestyle solo. Anytime.

JRock Street Dancing 2016
JRock ABM/EB Fam. Electric Boogaloo Style Popping. Nuff said.
JRock (ABM) | Popping Judges Showcase | Vegas Shakedown 2016 | #SXSTV
JRock (ABM) | Popping Judges Showcase | Vegas Shakedown 2016 | #SXSTV STEP x STEP: Uniting Dancers Around The World SXSAPP • SXSONLINE • SXSYOUTUBE • SXSYOUTUBE • SXSTWITTER • SXSFACEBOOK • SXSINSTAGRAM •
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