Migos – Pop Shit – Choreography by Kevin and Dea

Filmed in our Kinjaz Dojo China studio

New teachers from around the world every two weeks.

Sinostage Original Studio:
Poly Center, Building 3, East Block, Unit 2115, No. 1 Jinxiu Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, 610000

Kinjaz Dojo China Studio:
Chengdu YinTai Centre, Unit L521, Jinhui E St, Wuhou District, Chengdu Shi, Sichuan Sheng, China, 610041

Quickstyle Studio:
Yanlord Landmark Shopping Mall, Unit 401, No. 1 South Renmin Road, Section 2, Jinjiang District, Chengdu 610014

DHM WORLD Battle 2018, 1/2 final Di Mad Spirit (win) vs Kevin

The prestigious dancehall event, by the maestro Camron 1 Shot
World choreografic contest and World battle 1vs1 with international guests.

Music by Dj Sprinter

6 international judgees :
ELENA FRAULES (Russia) / Lil GBB (France) / HAPPY FEET (Jamaica) / SRI LANKA (Jamaica) / AUDREY BOSC (France) / RAFA (Spain)

8 international guests
Raddy Rich (Jamaica) / Cornbread (Japan) / Katrin Wow (Ukraine) / Slip Danca Family (Miami - Jamaica) / Louvto (France - Martinique) / Di Mad Spirit (Ukraine) / Laces (Sweden) / Cassie (France)

4 Dj's
Dj Air Flight / Dj Kwal / Dj Cosmic Elite / Dj Steevey

Presenter : Shylee Bendovaa

Preselection in 10 countries (Italy, St Petersburg, Poland, Greece, Madagascar, Scandinavia, Austria, Moscow, Mexico, France ...)

In the heArt of the dance !!!

FREE YOUR SOUL 2on2 all styles battle TOYiN & KiERAN Vs SOULQUEST & KEViN
Kevin & Dea with The Pack't | FrontRow | World of Dance Los Angeles 2017 | #WODLA17

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Derrick – Tim VS Joblack – Kevin Final Allstyle RLV 2016
Win : Joblack - Kevin
Kevin “PARADOX” en Perú – Pura Calle 2014
El gran kevin paradox estuvo en el festival pura Calle en Perú como jurados de las batallas y ademas dictando workshop a los asistentes, disfruten de su presentación No se olviden de Visitar:
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