Lunatic vs Noodle [finals] // .stance x Master Plan x T.I.P. // Battle Pro Korea 2016


Rice & Noodle vs Ousmane & Odile | House | UK B BOY CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016

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NOODLE (Gamblerz) – Judge / Chelles Battle Pro 2015 Korea /
2015.01.24 (SAT)Chelles Battle Pro 2015 Korea Elimination Day 2 @ Time Square, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul [MC] SNIPA (T.I.P) [DJ] MARCIA (RunDJ / T.I.P) [JUDGES] JERRY (One Way Crew) NOODLE (Gamblerz) WING (Jinjo / Redbull BC One Allstars / 7 Commandoz) Newest and freshest videos from the Korean Streetdance scenes! Facebook?
NOODLE (Gamblerz) – Judge Show / Gangjin Bboy Masters 2014
2014.07.30(WED)GANGJIN BBOY MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 @ Gangjin Celadon Festival, Gangjin, Korea [MC] SNIPA (T.I.P) GOTTA (Oshare Crew) [DJ] SPRAY (Last For One / Ground Scratch / Korean Assassins) [JUDGES] TINO ROC (Max Crew / Floor Gangz / The Bronx Boys) NOODLE (Gamblerz / Soul Train) PHYSICX (Rivers) Newest and freshest videos from the Korean b-boy scenes! Facebook? Twitter?
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