Judge Show PARADOX 前哨战冲出茅庐 Just Play Just Dance|hiphop battle| VOL 3
Kevin Paradox // Judge Showcase // International Impact 2 vs 2 All Style Battle

International Impact Winter Dance Camp 2016

2 vs 2 All Style Battle

Judge Showcase by Kevin Paradox (NED)

KEVIN PARADOX | Dreams Do Come True | Short Film

Short Film about Kevin Paradox (proffesional) and worldwide known dancer.
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Floorwork & Being Unique | How to Hip Hop Freestyle Dance Questions | AskAParadox 9#

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How to use the the floor/ground in freestyle dance? How to not look like other dancers? These dance questions will be answered in Ask A Paradox edition number 9.

It's been some time since I have answered your Hip Hop Freestyle dance questions.But I am finally back with a new How To Video, to give you tips, exercises and information!

How to dance Video Log Q&A Content:

How to practice dancing on the floor.

1.See the floor as an extension of yourself.
Don't be afraid to stay on the floor for a longer time and let your body merge with the floor. Get a feel and connection with the floor before you even start dancing.

3.Do everything you dance standing up on the floor.
Take movement that you think is dope, fun or nice and try to experiment with it on the floor. Find a way to make that same motion work on the floor. This way you create foundation for yourself on the floor and have the possibilty to build it out. To expand your groundwork vocabulary

3.Take inspiration from every dance style.
All dance styles have techniques on the floor. Exposing yourself to those different approaches gives you a sense of what fits your body and resonates with you. This way you get to understand the connection between your body and the floor in allot of different ways and are you able to create your own approach.

4.Take inspiration outside of dance.
The ground is used on so many other levels than just dance.
To open up your mind and your body to the possibilities of the floor, exploring different elements outside of dance will surely strengthen and inspire your own floor movement.

How to be unique and not look like other dancers.

1. Why & What
What is it that you like in this dancer and why is it that you like this.
Asking yourself these questions will generate answers that can help you to find yourself. Now you are able to take your focus away from the dancer and onto your preference of movement, expression etc.

2. Focus on you
If your vision is set on creating, expressing and developing yourself. Every step you take will be one towards yourself and away from 'looking like others'. If you loose focus however and dance without taking notice of the process. Your body will go on auto pilot and recreate those things that it can remember. Which will be moves you have seen.

3. How would I do this.
Anytime you tke a class or see movement you really like, ask yourself how would I do this?
This answer will give you your own approach to the idea and will make you slowly build a better understanding of what it is that you like to express. Which later will develope into style.
Style is not created by thinking of being different, but by expressing your own experiences, emotions, stories and intrests in your dance.

Kevin Paradox Hip Hop Freestyle Battle Compilation 2017 | Friends & Enemies

For the past 6 months Kevin Paradox had not danced much because of a dislocated ankle. He decided to challenge himself to participate in a hip hop freestyle battle and see how far he could get with his weight shifted on one leg only.

A hip hop dance battle compilation of Kevin Paradox his dance rounds at Fair Play Dance Camp 2016. Bringing the best of his freestyle rounds of that night.

Hip Hop Dance 2017 | Hood Safari – Masego | Kevin Paradox

Nothing will stop someone with a goal and a vision. Here Paradox dances a Hip Hop Freestyle on mostly one leg to the amazing song Hood Safari by Masego.

Hi Fam and Paratarians, as you can see I am still not at a 100%.
But I really wanted to share with you guys so i decided to try and dance on my base leg. I know it's not optimal at all but hopefully i can share some vibes and positivity with my dance.

The dance video was shot in Marrakech to the song Hood Safari by Masego. Love this song!

Insane Dance Battle Rounds | OLD/GOLD Edition | Dance Compilation

Intro: Nightcore - ili
Outro:Snakehips - All My Friends (Hibell's House Remix)

All dancers:
-Fik Shun,Paradox,Skitzo,Shaadow,Tight Eyez,Bouboo,Les Twins,Salah,Bruce

‪Kevin Paradox – May the groove be with you | Hip Hop Freestyle
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