H Quality 6 | 1/4 Finale Hip Hop | CHOPPER vs REGI HYBRIDE | | Insta : @hquality

H Quality 6 | 1/2 Finale Hip Hop | ICEE VS REGI HYBRIDE | | Insta : @hquality

H Quality 6 | Finale HIP HOP | Choupi vs Regi Hybride | | Insta : @hquality

Regi Hybride | CRIMINALZ | Judge Show case NBA Dance Battle 2k17 | STRITER

Freestyle Demo at NBA Dance Battle By STRITER

Kieran, Kofi, Regi Hybride l Judge Showcase l GHGH ’16 l FSTV
Do you like this video? Then support us and click here to subscribe: :) If you want use this video, please dont forget to credit us. GHGH 2016, now in its 6th year and is one of the largest street dance competitions in the UK, seeing 100’s of battlers and 29 University crews from 23 Universities from across the country come and compete. Date: 20th March 2016 Location: Nottingham Trent University Hip Hop Judges Kieran ("Jam!"/Fiya House) UK Kofi (Rain Crew) UK Regi Hybride (Criminalz Crew) France Popping Judges Dickson (Fiyah House) UK Shawn (Plague/Fiyah House) UK Franqey (Los Ka Soss) France Breaking Judges Bgirl Rawgina (Shaolin Shadows/Leeds The Way/HSK) UK Bboy Manny (Soul Mavericks) UK Bbboy Khassius Klean (Liaison Fatale Crew) France House Judges Titan (Northside / Warehouse13) UK Jo-L (Sui Generis / InDaHouse) UK Mogwai (Serial Stepperz) France DJs DJ GAZ DJ DBO Hosts Duncan DLO Film Crews Funkstylers TV (YouTube) JAG Media Services (DVDs) You can find more via the following: Website: Subscribe: Like: Follow: or @funkstylerstv Instagram: or @funkstylerstv Email:
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