M.S.B – 6 – Judge Demo- ROCHKA
Paris preselections – Hip hop semi final : Waydi & Rochka vs Sam & Jimmy Yudat

Opéra Bastille [Paris, France]

DANCERS : Waydi & Rochka vs Sam & Jimmy Yudat
JUDGES: Dedson (Hip hop), Rashaad (Popping), Rickysoul (House dance) & Tash (Locking) (The judge's vote in his own category counts twice, others judges votes count simple)
HOST: Dandyguel & Philemon
DJS : Sam One & Stew
VIDEO RECORDING : Paul Dufour Coppolani & Aztek

Juste Debout 2018
Opéra Bastille [Paris, France]

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The Hip Hop Dance Event of the Year: Juste Debout is an international Hip Hop “stand up” dances event, which brings together more than 4,000 dancers, selected after a 3 months international tour.
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Le Juste Debout est une rencontre internationale de danses Hip Hop dites « debout », qui réunit plus de 4 000 danseurs, sélectionnés après une tournée internationale de 3 mois.

Kendrick Lamar – ELEMENT. ft Waydi Rochka Diablo | YAK FILMS We Are One in Shanghai, China

Music "ELEMENT." by Kendrick Lamar
DAMN. available now

Filmed in Shanghai, China with DJI Osmo X5 and Mavic Pro during We Are One international Hip Hop all styles dance competition. Featuring dancers from Criminalz Crew including Waydi, Rochka and Diablo.

Special guest appearance by Nelson Lks, Marvin Gofin and Bruce Ykanji (aka Mr Juste Debout).

Thanks to Lil Shao and Jason at izo / Dance On.

© YAK FILMS 2017-2018

Mickey & Rochka VS Lil Blade & Fabbreezy – SEMIS – NBA Dance Battle 2018

NBA DANCE BATTLE is a freestyle dance competition powered by Kiudee that highlight european dancers from 7 to 18 years old included. Here, NBA stands for Not Babies Anymore.

🏆 Winners : Lil Blade (The Pigeons) & Fabbreezy (Ghetto-Style)

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This video have been recorded by Jody Carter.

VSB 4vs4 Team FINALS – 95 Clan (FR) vs Future Kono Fiya (UK)

95 Clan - Rochka, Dykens, Bboy Chakal, Prince (FRA)
Future Kono Fiya - Kieran, Kashmir, Evion, Ice (UK)

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Waydi & Rochka vs Jimmy &Sam Yudat/2018 Jusute Debout Paris preselections


95 CLAN (Rochka, Dykens, Chakal, Prince) FRA vs 1st CUT (P-Soul, Illa Soul, J-Soul, Sarro) GER

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Waydi & Rochka – Hip Hop Dance Week 2018

Shedule here :

Throughout the week, Hip Hop Dance classes for beginners will be offered at the Juste Debout School in Paris.

On the menu: House dance, Locking, Popping, Hip Hop New Style & Old School, Waacking and Embodied Dance. An eclectic selection to simply learn, discover the benefits of hard work and the dynamism in which dancers evolve.

Tickets for all Hip Hop Dance Week events are available for purchase and same day pick-up at the Juste Debout School, 3 rue de l’Est, 75020 Paris.

Stay tuned, check our website :

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Juste Debout School
Our motto :
Perfectionnement, Plaisir, Authenticité

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