Ben Bad Newz vs Timothy K.A.R.M.A | Hip Hop Dance Battle | Samurai Battle | Snooty Tube
Hip Hop Freestyle Dance Battle. Ben Bad Newz mp vs. Timothy K.A.R.M.A Crew at Samurai Dance Battle 2016. Jury: Ukay ( Bad Newz Mp - Flying Steps - K.Mifa), Pepito, Majid (Ghettostyle), Lil Amok ( Flying Steps - K.Mifa ) Battle Categories: Hip Hop Freestyle dance, Popping dance, B-Boy dance. DJs: DJ Erhan K.Mifa, DJ F-Zee K.Mifa Host: Sabir Fresh S Kid This is a Snooty Tube video This dance video is brought to you by Alfons Biedermann
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All Out Championship Grand FinalTimothy Judge Showcase For more dance battle videos, subscribe ! Like us on Facebook! Shot with Sony A7S
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