Vicious Victor vs Alkolil [Semi-Final] // Bboy World // Silverback Open 2017

Vicious Victor vs Alkolil [Semi-Final] // Silverback Open 2017
Winner: Alkolil (OBC) -Russia-

Silverback Bboy Events, Udef, Monster Energy, Rushordertees & Afatti present Silverback Open 2017!!!!!!



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B-Boy 7ToSmoke | RF Jam 2016 | RPProductions
Winner: Vicious Victor, USA Filmed by: Wen Jun Edited by: Richard Prayoga JUDGES: Crazy Legs, Storm, Freeze 1.) Milhouse, Korea ( Drifters Crew ) 2.) Palito Rock, Philippines ( SAS Crew ) 3.) Vicious Victor (USA) 4.) StepEgg, Taiwan ( Top Coalition Crew ) 5.) Pluto, Ukraine ( Ruffneck Attack ) 6.) Wuta, Japan ( Yellow Suns ) 7.) Menno, Holland ( Hustle Kidz ) 8.) Wildcard Entries, Gusto Support this channel in Patreon to make 360° battle video come alive! ================================= • Subscribe to our YouTube: • Like us on Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter: ================================= © RPProductions 2016
Vicious Victor (USA) vs Issei (JPN) Culture Shock Taiwan Semi 1 YAK FILMS
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