Young Skull Club | Body Rock Junior 2018 [@VIBRVNCY 4K]

Young Skull Club
Media Coverage by @VIBRVNCY
Filmed by Drea Whitlock
Body Rock Junior 2018 presented by A Mustard Seed Production
Escondido Center For The Arts 6.29.18

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instagram @vibrvncy

Young Skull Club | 2nd Place Upper | Winner's Circle | World of Dance Finals 2017 | #WODFINALS17

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[3rd Place] VIBE JRS 2015 | Young Skull Club [Official @VIBVRNCY 4K] #VIBEJRS2015
[3rd Place] Young Skull ClubMedia Coverage by @VIBRVNCY Filmed by Tee Watcharothon @tzacnd Edited by Gerald Nonato @geraldnonadoez Motion Graphics by Yosuke Murakami @yosukemurakami #VIBEJRS2015 instagram @vibedancecomp
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