Video ON 2017-9-12
House Dance Improvisation Project I Work in Progress I MOSCOW

Choreography: Alesya Dobysh
Camera work: Vitaly Car
Edit work: Simon Bus
Music: Albrecht La'Brooy - The Sherbrooke
Place: Moscow

Finishing the year of experiments and laboratory with fresh generation of House dancers in Moscow, we prepared "self-existed", based on improvisation, dance work.
How to excist in the flow, how to communicate through movemnet, how to be delicate and strong.
"Form is Emptiness. Emptiness is Form."

Kevin Paradox // Judge Showcase // International Impact 2 vs 2 All Style Battle

International Impact Winter Dance Camp 2016

2 vs 2 All Style Battle

Judge Showcase by Kevin Paradox (NED)

ASSASSINS Showcase (Rashaad, Future, Hya aka Monstapop) | Pop In Progress 2017 | RPProds

Pop In Progress 2017

Rashaad (USA)
Future (USA)
Hya aka Monstapop (CAN)

Filmed by James Chua, Charmaine Chua & Richard Prayoga
Edited by Richard Prayoga

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