Video ON 2017-9-15
SNAP 2017 [Official] – Kenzo Alvares X Shay Latukolan

Snap Festival 2017

CHOREO by Kenzo & Shay

"Numb and Getting Colder" – Flume | Keone & Mari choreography

This piece has definitely been through a lot. Originally choreographed in October '16 for a class then saved for NBC WOD, which didn't end up happening because the song couldn't clear. Then we filmed it in China in May '17 and waited to release it after WOD finished airing. Then after getting picked up to do a duet for So You Think You Can Dance it was cleared and approved to go on TV. After molding it to our wonderful dancers Taylor and Robert and having them perform it, we're finally here to release this 4 month vaulted video. Haha crazy how the process to sharing work can go! Anyway hope you enjoy! If you'd like to see the SYTYCD version here's the link!


Choreography/performance: Keone & Mari
Film/Edit: Vibrvncy
Production asst: Cass Song
Special Thanks: Koko Sweet and Sinostage
Music: Flume

Ladia Yates judge demo #YAKToTheBay 2017

Ladia showcased her blend of both Oaklands Turfing and Memphis Jookin while in the Bay Area to judge the all styles all ages dance battle... Check out her kids dance team, LYE!

Shoutout to the Art and Soul Festival and the city of Oakland for having us back in our hometown!

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