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Till I Collapse Battle2017|HipHop| Badrockstarz vs Gangsta’soul
Exquisite Zombies ft Lil Kida, New Generation, Skitzo, Legit | Adobe Project1324 x Yak x Troyboi

Music "BIA" by Troyboi

Dancers: @kidathegreat with @vannahbfam1st @leileistar0507 from @newgeneration916 and @ahla_malik with @legit.rbn

Animation by MARIA-CLARA SANTOS (Brazil):

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WHAT: Yak documents some of the most innovative dance movements ever. They’re “Exquisite Zombies” series of films for Adobe Project 1324 highlights how hip hop dance is not only a catalyst of self-expression, communication and community, but a force for change in the digital space.

Now, YAK Films is challenging you to make your own moves.

WHO: 13 to 24 year olds

HOW: In an original video, photo, animation or music sample of your own creation, imagine how movement connects people beyond language and borders.

Examples of movement can include anything from hitting a drum to the stroke of a brush, visualizing the unique ways your body can move or how a piece of music can make you move.

OPPORTUNITY: Select submissions will be featured by YAK Films and Adobe Project 1324 social channels worldwide.

MISSION: Yak Films documents the power of dance as a catalyst of self-expression,
community, and a force for change in the digital space.

ABOUT: Yak is dedicated to bringing quality local visuals to a growing global audience. Established in 2008 in Oakland, California, home of the legendary TURF FEINZ dance crew and the Youth UpRising community center. Today working with Adobe Project 1324 and Destiny Arts community center, our mission continues to be about guiding young people to build the new media skills used to tell their own stories, beyond played out mainstream narratives.

Thank you to our student Ella Newton from Destiny Arts in Oakland, CA, for the text graphics animation!

© YAK FILMS 2017

Kris Wu – Deserve ft. Travis Scott (Official Dance Video) by The Kinjaz

Kinjaz X Kris Wu X Travis Scott X 88 Rising
(Watch in 1080p)

Performed by: The Kinjaz (In order of appearance) Anthony Lee, Michael "Mpact" Lor, Steven "Villn" Lor, Ben "B-Tek" Chung, Jawn Ha, Charles Nguyen, Darren Wong, Mike Song
Filmed&Edited by: VIBRVNCY
Music: Kris Wu feat. Travis Scott "Deserve"

Watch the official music video:

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2017 .10.13 | HOZIN | midnight class

2017 .10.13 | HOZIN | midnight class

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