Video ON 2018-2-22
Josh "Sage" & "Gunslinger" Risa (USA) Frestyling to "BumbaClot" by HITMAKERCHINX | RPProds

Meet Josh & Risa, a dance couple from Brooklyn, New York (USA)
They travelled to south east asia to spread more knowledge about FLEXN dance. I definitely learnt a lot about the FLEXN history & culture from these two!

If you are interested about their dance style, check out this video that explain about their "Get Low" style:
"Flex |Between| the Lines: Get Low"

Some useful videos about FlexN:

"The Underbelly of Brooklyn’s Bone-Breaking Flex Dance Scene"

"Flexin' on 'Em: Brooklyn's Flex Dance Music"

Music: "BumbaClot" by HITMAKERCHINX

Josh "The Sage" Morales (@official_thesage)
Gunslinger Risa (@gunslingerisa)

Filmed & edited by Richard Prayoga (@richardprayoga)

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