Video ON 2018-2-25
Moment of Truth

Individuality threatens an environment that demands conformity.

Directed & Choreographed by Andrew Winghart
Commercial & Music Video Rep: Little Ugly (
Choreography Rep: Bloc Agency (

Soloist: Nicole Ishimaru

Performers: Adam Vesperson, Alexia Meyer, Aliyah Zolina, Alyssa Allen, Andrea Bess, Andrea Dobbins, Angel Mammoliti, Ari Libertore, Aubry Mason, Audrey Case, Baden Silva, Briana Morrison, Brianna Dexl, Bridget Krouse, Brooke Brady, Cardo Wanzer, Carly Blaney, Chelsea Jennings, Cierra Crowley, Clarice Ordaz, Courtney Scarr, Diana Schoenfield, Effie Tutko, Ellie Biddle, Emily Crouch, Emma Presing, Eric Schloesser, George Lawrence, Gina Menichino, Jake Tribus, Jakevis Thomason, Jayci Kalb, JayJay Dixonbey, Keanu Uchida, Kelly Choi, Kieran Macdonald, Laura Ksobiech, Lauren Shaw, Lonni Olson, Lucy Vallely, Luke Kampilla, Madelyne Spang, Madisyn Maniff, Mariah Spears, Mark Mundy, Meghan Sanett, Mikaela Jagim, Natalie Leibert, Natasha Crudup, Nikki Norenberg, Olivia Gieringer, Rae Srivastava, Shelby Davis, Sydney Moss, Taylor Sieve, Tristan Reynolds, Ty Wells, Valerie Rockey Will Thomas

DP: Zac Adams
Producer: Lee Cherry
Associate Producer: Sammi Farber
Wardrobe: Brianna Murphy
Wardrobe Asst: Junlyn Alas
MU \ Hair: Valerie Hernandez
Colorist: Trevor Durtschi

Featuring an original composition from Jarami -

Boogie – No Way | Hip Hop Dance 2018 |Kevin Paradox

Kevin Paradox dances a hip hop freestyle to No Way by Boogie during his Planet Paradox Europe Tour.

Tour Dates&Locations:

To inspire the dance students Kevin Paradox gives an example of how he expresses his own freestyle dance exercises. During the Planet Paradox Europe Tour Paradox travels from city to city to teach his own dance methods, exercises and philosophies in a quest to inspire the upcoming Hip Hop Dance generation.

Dance song:
Boogie - No Way

Kevin Paradox Oelen

Dance Prestige Romania

Instagram: Kevin_Paradox

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