Video ON 2018-7-1
HipHop Kingz Festival 2018 | DEA ( FR ) vs Pigeons ( NL ) | Crew battle

HipHop Kingz Festival 2018

Video: Orokana
Music: Konichiwa Crew

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RUTH – Chapter 1 Audio/Visual Sample | by Keone & Mari feat some of the best dancers in the world



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An elderly woman named Ruth, moves back in with her family after they take her out of a retirement home for the first time in many years. As her family experiences tough times, Ruth is suddenly transported into an alternate universe where she is engulfed into a world full of movers.

This first-of-it's-kind dance experience will feature 9 chapters, each accompanied by reading, beautiful illustrations, and cinematic video. These videos will comprise of 35+ total minutes of film starring Keone & Mari, 200+ incredible dancers from all over the world, beautiful locations in 5 different countries, and of course... dance. Both reading and watching will be crucial to the experience as the writing and illustrations take place in Ruth's own world, while the film and dancing will take place in the alternate dimensional world. All connected by only one character... Ruth.

Ruth is a fictional story created by Keone & Mari. Writing authored by Mariel Madrid, videos directed by Keone Madrid, film and edit by Jeremy Fabunan, original music by Ben Sollee, and illustrations by Ian Abando. This production was funded by supporters through the Kickstarter community.


Chapter 1 Credits:

Created by Keone & Mari Madrid

Authored/Written by Mari Madrid

Directed by Keone Madrid

Filmed and Edited by Jeremy Fabunan

Original Score by Ben Sollee

Illustrated by Ian Abando

Hugh Aparente
Nic Ballecer
Karen Chuang
Ben Chung
Carlo Darang
Ian Eastwood
Noelle Franco
Mecnun Giasar
Angel Gibbs
Amanda Grind
Lex Ishimoto
Longkue “VillN” Lor
Mariel Madrid
Bam Martin
Chris Martin
Jillian Meyers
Samuel Moore
Dea Nguyen
Charles Nguyen
Dominic “D-Trix" Sandoval
Will Simmons
Mike Song
Trevor Takemoto
Ade Willis
Sorah Yang

Lyle Beniga
Daniel “Cloud” Campos
Shaun Evaristo
Parris Goebel
Anthony Lee
Vinh Nguyen
Brian Puspos
Quickstyle - Nasir Sirikhan, Bilal Malik, Suleman Malik
Jaja Vankova
Lando Wilkins

Set Design:
Brandon Arii

Russell Tafarella

Visual Effects:
Joaquin Barranco

Music Production and Recording:
Ben Sollee and Tin Ear Studio

Music Mixing and Mastering:
Justin Golden

Audio Narration:
Jim Martin

Audio Narration Mixing and Mastering:
Amber Flynn and Leading Note Studio

Produced by:
Keone & Mari Madrid
Vivian Ho
Kickstarter Community

Production Manager:
Fabian Tucker

Assistant Builders:
Bryce Arii
John Arii

Aerial Camera Operator:
Joaquin Barranco

Production Assistants:
Margot Leach
Chau Quach
Cass Song
Fabian Tucker

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