Video ON 2018-9-22
Unstoppabullz vs Top9 (semi) // .stance // Southeast Proyect 2018


Winner: Top9

Special K vs BreakBern & JohnnyFox (semi) // .stance // Southeast Proyect 2018


Winner: BreakBern & JohnnyFox

Top9 vs BreakBern & JohnnyFox (final) // .stance // Southeast Proyect 2018


Winner: Top9

Frip' Hop – Hip hop final : Raza vs Junior

La quatrième édition du battle Frip' Hop a eut lieu le dimanche 16 Septembre 2018 à la Juste Debout School.

Le concept : des battles (Hip hop et Popping pour cette quatrième édition) et une friperie à petit prix !

Musiques :
What's Up Doc ? (Can We Rock) - Shaquille O'Neal Feat Fu-Schnickens
Antonplatz - Mecs Treem
Heavenly Father - Waldo

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Juges : Max Loove (Hip hop) & Léa Djyl (Popping)
Raza (Deep Manners / Ghost Flow Movement) [winner] vs Junior (DC Vortex)
DJ : Timour
Orga : Léa Djyl / Lauren Lecrique / Raza / Mégan Deprez / Léopop / Odd Sweet / Bidjé de Rosa / Max Loove / Benny Rock / Aztek Video : @aztekofficiel

"We Were In Love" – Ta-ku Choreography by Shy Tut & Mellonic

"Two people came together to create shapes and add their personal dance expressions into a piece."

Music: "We Were In Love" by Taku

Performed by:
Nic Chung "Mellonic" (
Rory Soh "Shy Tut" (

Huge thanks to *SCAPE for providing us the space that enable us to achieve the look that we wanted.

Filmed & edited by Richard Prayoga (
Gaffer: Desirae Tan (

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Eminem – Lucky You | Choreography by The Kinjaz (Dallas Cowboys Rehearsal)

Rehearsal footage from our Halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys Season Opener.
Ps. We would’ve used the whole song but we only had 2 minutes. BANG.

Choreography by: The Kinjaz @kinjaz

Performed by: Anthony Lee, Bam Martin, Ben Chung, Charles Nguyen, Darren Wong, Mike Fal, Mike Song, Mpact Lor, Pat Cruz, Tony Tran, Villn Lor, Vinh Nguyen

Filmed/ Edited by: @vibrvncy @nickkim90

Music by: Eminem feat. Joyner Lucas "Lucky You"

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Wizzard Judge Showcase | Disco Lives 6 Machine | Move Manila

A must watch epic waacking judge showcase by Wizzard from Bitgeoul Dancers South Korea! #movemnl #DiscoLives #DiscoLives6machine

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