Free Spirit Festival 2017 MUSICOLOGY // Dalil vs Robozee // Funk – Final

July 24-30
Dusseldorf, Tanzhaus NRW Germany

** Day 6 of the Free Spirit Festival 2017 - Musicology Battle**

Musicology is a Mixstyle Battle Concept based on the individuality and musicality of the moment. The Judges do not judge the standard categories like Hip Hop, Poppin, Locking etc. Instead we categorize by Music Genre so that the Dance is always free.

Judges: Slim Boogie, Majid, Mamson

The Free Spirit Festival is a unique experience of Hip Hop culture, bringing together dancers from all around the world, providing an excellent opportunity to get a well-rounded perspective on urban dance:
7 days full of Workshops, Showcases, Battles, Jams and Party!

Facebook: Free Spirit Urban Dance Festival
Instagram: @freespiritfestival

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Happy International Women’s Day!
Locking as a style is generally underrepresented in the street dance community (Europe and USA), and there are very few female groups representing this style. Therefore, with International Women’s Day coming up, I decided to bring together a group of female lockers to represent the community, the women, and hopefully inspire more females not only to lock or dance in general, but to be confident in themselves and support each other. So, happy International Women's Day! Huge thank you to everybody who made this idea possible and took part in the production! Not mentioned in the video, but also special thanks to Vintage Basement (London) for providing some of the locations. I invite you to send this video to your favourite ladies!
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