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Juste Debout 2018 Final Hip Hop Battle / SPAIN

Juste Debout Spain 2018
Hip Hop 2 vs 2
winner - Street Life

Juste Debout Nordic 2018 – Hiphop Final – John Hope & Balder VS Toby & Marikken

Juste Debout Nordic 2018
Presented by Iver and City of Malmö
Malmö, Sweden

Hiphop Final
John Hope & Balder VS Toby & Marikken (Winner)

ABF, LO, Scandic, SJ, Sydsvenskan

Juste Debout Bratislava 2018 – Experimental Final – Klesh
Juste Debout Bratislava 2018 – HipHop Final – Perla & KillaSon vs. Marcio & Batalla
Original Slum Battle Hip Hop Judge Demo Idriss The Cage

Idriss The Cage Judge Demo

Final Experimental – Juste Debout Holland 2018

WIN: Ambra (IT)
JUDGES: Dedson (hiphop), Ricky Soul (house), Rashaad (popping), Tash (locking)
DJ'S: Yugson Hawks, Chocolate Brown, Lucas Benjamin, Steve Veusty, Rob Manga & Nobunaga
HOSTS: John Agesilas & Bruce Ykanji

Juste Debout is an international dance competition with preliminary rounds in various world cities, including Amsterdam, and a grand finale in Paris for an audience of over 20,000 fans. In French Juste Debout means ‘just upright’ and was born in 2001 from the need for a competition for ‘upright’ urban forms of dance such as popping, locking, house dance and hip hop new style. More than ten years later, Juste Debout has become the largest dance event in the world and will be broadcast live, at least in France.

Summer Dance Forever is an inner city urban dance festival where dancers from around the world gather in the city of Amsterdam, each year in August.
Seven days to enjoy an international dance feast, packed with the best of today and the great promises of tomorrow. Organized in several venues around town, expect a great variety of dance performances, next level battles and workshops to refresh and boost your skills. A true summer in one of Europe's hottest cities, soaked in dance, to be remembered forever. Forever...and ever...and ever...

Camera & Edit:
ROEMFILM - Leo van Emden

© Juste Debout & Summer Dance Forever 2018

Kinjaz "DUNK CONTEST" Choreography by Vinh Nguyen

True story: During our recent trip to Nike World Headquarters, we made a quick detour from our itinerary to shoot some hoops at the indoor basketball court training facility. Mid-shooting session we thought to ourselves, "...we should shoot a video here...". The rest is history.

Choreography by: Vinh Nguyen
Performed by: @v1nh, @mikeosong, @charlesvnguyen, @_anthonylee_ , @patcruz , @btek_benchung , @jawnha
Basketball solos: @darrenrwong @villnlor

Filmed/Edited by: @VIBRVNCY

Music: Andy Mineo "Dunk Contest"

Produced by: LeeJ Razalan @razalan , Amy Williamson @366daysofkicks

Special Thanks: Jupiter Desphy, Kelsey Buck, Wesley Chan, the Shih family, Sean Hsieh, Cheyenne Kibblewhite, Stephanie Jones

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