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GRaVy Babies presents: ISIS | Body Rock Junior 2019 Friends & Family Preview Night

GRaVy Babies Presents: “ISIS”

Performance: Friends and Family Preview Night for Body Rock Junior 2019

Music: Isis by Joyner Lucas and Logic (all remixed parts by supmartin)

David Macias and Alex Abutin

First Verse
Teej Medallo and Will Simmons
Ryan Jose
Nick Joseph
Teej Medallo and Will Simmons

David Macias

Ben Faustino

Second Verse
Nick Joseph
Eddie Flores

David Macias and Nick Joseph
Marc Dizon

Second Verse
Ariel Padua
Teej Medallo and Will Simmons

Archie Saquilabon

GRV Presents: How Does it Feel | Body Rock 2019 Friends & Family Preview Night

GRV Presents: “How Does It Feel”

Performance: Friends and Family Preview Night for Body Rock 2019

Media Coverage by John Kim

Music: Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo [covered by The Shadowboxers]
Instrumental Guitar Solo remixed by PLANET.DRVV and supmartin

Intro choreographed by Taryn Cheng

First Verse choreographed by  Marc Dizon and Ben Faustino

Chorus choreographed by  Marc Dizon/Ben Faustino

Second Verse choreographed by Ariel Padua, Eileen Kim, and Kyle Yamasaki

Instrumental choreographed by Jason Lin

Third Verse choreographed by Teej Medallo

Closer choreographed by Nick Joseph and Taryn Cheng

Gravy Babies Presents: Welcome to the Jungle | Body Rock Jrs. 2018 Friends & Family Preview Night

Gravy Babies Presents: Welcome to the Jungle Friends and Family Preview Night for Body Rock Junior 2018.


Jumanji by Joyner Lucas choreographed by David Lim & Nick Joseph
Call Me Mother by Ru Paul choreographed by Teej Medallo & Dimitri Mendez
Boombastic by Shaggy (SBU remix) choreographed by Marc Dizon
God Speed by Gavi choreographed by Ben Faustino
Harambe by Dumbfounded (Just.drwe remix) choreographed by Jason Lin & David Macias
Bad Man by Missy Elliot choreographed by Sorah Yang
King Kong (SBU remix) choreographed by Archie Saquilabon

GRV presents: LAZARUS | Ultimate Brawl 2018 Friends & Family Night


PERFORMANCE: Friends and Family Preview Night for Ultimate Brawl 2018 hosted by 909

CHOREOGRAPHERS: Ben Faustino, Teej Medallo, David Lim, Marc Dizon, Ariel Padua, Taryn Cheng, Eileen Kim, Archie Saquilabon, Mya Macias, and Jason Lin

SONG: Lazarus by Trip Lee | Music mixed by Martin Peredo, SBU Beats, and Just.Drwe


UB 2018 Performance [Wide View]:
UP 2018 Performance [Front Row]:


GRV | Body Rock 2017 Friends & Family [@VIBRVNCY]

Celebrating 10 years of GRV. We wanted to create a set that represents this organization, a set that stuck true to our roots. Aggressive choreography to some gangster ass music. Nothing more.

People always ask, "What does GRV stand for?". Well we thought we would dedicate this 10th year Body Rock set to answer that very question.

This is for every GRV fan, friend and family member that has supported us through these past 10 years. For every single GRV dancer that has contributed their passion with this team and has helped grow this organization into what it is today.

Also a huge shoutout and thank you to Nick Kim from Vibrvncy for filming this for us so last minute.

Thank you all!

G to the R to the Mothaf*kn V.

How To Dance Popular Afro Moves of 2018 (Shaku, Zanku, Kupe Tutorial) | Chop Daily

How To #Dance Popular Afro Moves of 2018 (#Tutorial) | #ChopDaily

Intro & Outro Song: Chop Daily x Wusu x Morgan - Shitto

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Tutorial Taught by: @itsjustnife

Dance Moves includes
Gwara Gwara from South African
Shaku Shaku from Nigeria
Pilolo from Ghana
Kupe from Ghana
Zanku from Nigeria

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