[2021] Danceproject picks of the week, no. 5

Durshlag, 2021-02-03

1. Koreyography – Hold On [Funk]

Some hot and chilly funk from Koreyography. This one has really dope and groovy vibes.
Tracks charge you with crazy good emotions and make you dance. Really catchy motives and rhythms.
As Koreyography says “This is genuine funk from the soul”

2. ManassehWod x FA Kode – Jack In The Box [Grime]

Jumping from the soul and light funk from Koreyography, we here about to listen to some energetic, catchy, and emotional Grime from ManassehWod and FA Kode in their track Jack In The Box.
The song is an up-tempo radiation of Hip-Hop with a core Grime music foundation. In this song ManassehWod cleverly delivers at a fast steady pace, a harrowing tale of the streets and what it can lead to.

3. Deca – All In a Dream [Hip-Hop]

Our next quality stuff comes from Deca and the track All in a Dream.
“All in a Dream” is but one of many highlights off Deca’s most recent LP, Snakes, and Birds, which dropped in late October of last year. And the video feels like a companion piece of sorts to his previous video for “Clay Pigeons,” which felt more like an interpretation of a capitalist nightmare than the overall dreaminess of “All in a Dream.”

Really incredible and memorizable visuals from him, check out the video below.

4. Essential – Verbal Swordplay [Old School]

If you are in love of old school vibes, music, and groove, so Verbal Swordplay from Essential is what you need to listen to.
The track is saturated with old school motives, energy, and flavor with some vinyl scratches

5. Diiirty Anthony – Vibe Police [Juke]

Among our dance community, there are some guys who love Juke stuff. In our compilation, we are going to share some crazy stuff from Diiirty Anthony.
This song is about railing against people who are complacent in their day to day lives but still somehow find the time to hate. It’s an affirmation of my life’s mission to continue to push for a better life for myself in spite of any resistance I may face along the way.

6. Tyson Crookmind ft ING Rucci & AzChike – The Chosen Onez [Hip-Hop]

We can’t miss this compilation with new school stuff. Interesting, simple and groovy in the same time track by Tyson Crookmind ft ING Rucci & AzChike.
“The Chosen Onez” is a song about being a known individual in your community from the streets to the board room. This song features Empire Records artists ING Rucci & AzChike.

7. Villy Blacka – F.O.P [New School]

Another hip-hop banger track in our compilation that started slowly, then going faster and hits hard lately.
Check the part starting from 1m 8s – you will like it

8. Knuckleheadz – Peed in My Pants

Another really uptempo stuff comes from Knuckleheadz in the track Peed in My Pants.
Very exciting name of the track, if you want to know what is inside – just play this track 😉

9. Wrekit Feat. D.P.S and DEE.F.W – Kick It Baby [Hip-Hop]

A new club banger Kick It Baby from Wrekit Feat. D.P.S and DEE.F.W can be a good addition to Hip Hop dance playlist.
We really enjoyed the vibe and groove in this track that pushes you to dance to it.
Check it out.

10 Ras x Amon – Seen It Once

Last but not least – the track from Ras and Amon. This is enjoyable track is a good finish to our compilation of the week today.
Seen It Once speaks on police brutality and the oppression black society faces. Being falsely accused and pre-judged based on our looks just to name a few.


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