[2021] Danceproject picks of the week, no. 7

Durshlag, 2021-02-16

1. Forrest Beats – Movimiento

‘Movimiento’ is a classic club banger with a strong appeal to dancing and ass shaking. This is Forrest’s first single after packing his life into a suitcase and moving from Kentucky to California to pursue a career in music. ‘Movimiento’ is the first of 3 singles that will drop leading up to the release of his debut album ‘Black Satin’ dropping in May 2021.

2. Flamma – The Might [Grime]

The Might by Flamma the grime track with a really light instrumental (as for us). As for usage of the track, I would use it in my pre-party playlists with similar music.

This is how Flamma describes his track:
As soon as I heard the instrumental (Summer 2020), it took me back to care-free nights out with my boys. By this time we had been in lockdown for what felt like ages and like many, I missed going out and having a great time. The instrumental reminded me of moments that I can imagine many relate to; when you’re out with your mates, drinking the night away. You feel on top of the world and unstoppable. The feeling that you don’t want the night to end, just pure good vibes. (Flamma)

3. MISHA – DRIP [Banger]

Drip by Misha is a “classic” banger music style that is loved by many dancers all over the world. All the instruments, melody, beat and vocals are in the right places with high quality mixing and mastering over it. This track is from the category “must” in playlists of any Dj and Dancers.

4. Nilla Allin – Bullshyt [New School]

Bullshyt by Nilla Allin is a party banger, with a catchy hook that could rock the whole building.
The catchy chorus is definitely a quotable mood now that it is a new year and encourages to refrain from giving our valuable time and attention to people or situations that won’t elevate our success. Its simple, but relatable chorus gives it a lot of potential to be successful on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

5. Tha Wordsmith – Eat You Alive [Old School]

Eat You Alive by Tha Wordsmith is really old school vibe track, that hitting hard. We really enjoyed electric guitar parts here which adding more groove into the track.
All the instruments and vocals placed here in the right places. Totally recommended.

6. Joe Burn, DJ rogue, Leaf Dog – Hillsides [Boom Bap]

“Hillsides” by Joe Burn, DJ rogue, Leaf Dog is an instant boom-bap classic with more bounce than a trampoline. The track has a really interesting groove and vibes. For all boom bap lovers it should be placed in their playlists for sure.
This track is the debut single from the upcoming Green Brick Records ‘Brick Top Vol.1’ 12″ coming early summer 2021.

7. Phife Dawg ft. Busta Rhymes & Redman – “Nutshell Pt. 2” [Hip-Hop]

Fathers are here, dope collab of the great artists on the J Dilla vibes.
There are no words, all the dancers love J Dilla beat and for sure they will love Phife Dawg, Busta Rhymes, and Redman on top of that beat.

8. Cardi B – Up [Banger]

Up by Cardi B is the next level banger. Do we need any words for this one? I am not sure, cuz almost all of the tracks by Cardi is just a gem.
This one is not an exception

9. N.E.B. & Tommygunnz – Stand Up [Trap]

N.E.B. & Tommygunnz dropped a new track that has a really interesting vibe and sound.
Lovely dance trap for you and your

10. Lit Lords – The art of love [EDM]

To finish our selection we want with a crazy EDM sound by Lit Lords called “The art of Love”
This going hard, so this one probably fits not to everyone!


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