[2021] Danceproject picks of the week, no. 8 (Funk Music Edition)

Durshlag, 2021-02-25

Hey, Danceproject fam!
We are back here with some good funky vibes of the week! Only pure, high-quality funk, disco, modern funk, and g-funk music.
Let’s go inside our latest music compilation of February.

1. Nail – One Fine Morning [Funk]

This track is a mini-cover of the song of the legendary rock band Lighthouse and their 70s hit One Fine Morning, which I replayed in my own way, funked it, added a touch of smooth jazz, and continued it, especially for B-Boys ;). This song has been playing in my head for over 10 years and there are many different covers of it, including Carlos Santana. From this all I would like to conclude that everything in this life is cyclical and happens for a reason! All hits were already written in the 70s and 80s! Do what you want to do with all your heart and soul, despite the trends and fashion. May the power of funk be with you!

Apple Music: apple.co/3kjb0aA
Spotify: spoti.fi/3pUkDxF

2. (Air)Drop – Feel The Rush [Disco, Electro-Funk]

Feel The Rush by (Air)Drop is a new single electro-funk from the solo project of Diamond Lounge.
This is really enjoyable stuff and is one of the good starters of the parties.
Apple Music: apple.co/2NvqCvO
Spotify: spoti.fi/3pRJBO9

3. Dawn Drake – Corona King [Funk, Latin]

“Corona King” by Dawn Drake chronicles a pandemic romance that is already barely hanging by a thread on Zoom. The relationship finally succumbs to a lack of actual human connection that many of us have experienced in 2020.

While you’re grooving you’ll be in good company with choreography by Hansell Vaillant of La Habana, Cuba accompanied by Ms. Drake and Brooklyn dancer Michele Drysdale. Cameo appearances by Brittany Anjou of BiTyrant and Eliane Amherd from the voice of Switzerland make it all in the family. A motion-filled piece from beginning to end, the moves in “Corona King” will give you the energy you need to shake off the Corona King you may have in your own life.

Apple Music: apple.co/3pS7Iw7
Spotify: spoti.fi/2NuULeJ

4. Brit Fox – Suga Rush [Funk]

Suga Rush by Brit Fox is a pure, groovy funky track with some classic bassline.

Concealing a pregnancy I recorded “Suga Rush” at Bad Racket when my cravings for sugar were REAL. Inside tho I was tired, nauseous, and a bit depressed. For guidance, I turned to “Queen of Funk” and mother of two Chaka Khan. Her songs of female empowerment and this quote “I’m a woman and I’m a backbone…everybody needs one.” inspired “Suga Rush” (Brit Fox)

Apple Music: apple.co/3pTqIdq
Spotify: spoti.fi/3aRCwIW


5. Band Of Pockets – Boogie Disco [Disco]

Boogie Disco is a fresh NEW old-school Disco song with a great 1979-vibe to it. Reminds us of Chic and Sister Sledge. The song has a solid slap-bass solo in the middle, which brings to mind Larry Graham and the likes. Dance baby dance! They don’t make music like this anymore. Until now.

This is the foundation for Band of Pockets, then they blend with guests from all over the world, depending on the song, the arrangement and the feel. In that sense, Band of Pockets has a solid core, but a floating, curious and inviting soul. Welcome.

Apple Music: apple.co/3pUcxFh
Spotify: spoti.fi/3dO0UNA


6. Real Intentions – Choosing Me [Funk]

Choosing Me is the stuff that going to be loved by our b-boys and b-girls!

This is the Real Intentions debut single off our self-titled EP. It is the first collaboration between Jesse Baskin and Sharisse Francisco.
Francisco’s powerful voice and lyrics are based on positivity and loving yourself, sitting on top of “in-your-face” and raw funk instrumentals, written by Baskin.

Apple Music: apple.co/3sumj2j
Spotify: spoti.fi/2O1Qyi9


7. Souls in Rhythm – Electric Lover [Modern Funk]

Souls in Rhythm proudly unveil their super rad 80’s tinged video for their latest single, the incredible funky, Electric Lover.
The video follows the misadventures of a young robotics expert who makes a series of robots and takes them out into the world. It’s a fun bit of a homage (with a reverse twist) to the classic teen movie Weird Science.

Apple Music: apple.co/3koe5G9
Spotify: spoti.fi/37Lrao4


8. Marlon McClain x BD3 – AIN’T NO STOPPIN NOW [Modern Funk]

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Now” is a more than appropriate title for the latest release by producer and entrepreneur Marlon McClain which features Brooklyn native, and MC BD3. It is not only the coming together of two generations but also two genres of urban music coming together.
The track has a good overall and groovy production and should be loved by mand popping dancers we know.

Apple Music: apple.co/3bGWMME
Spotify: spoti.fi/3sqXowN

Don’t forget to follow our Spotify playlist with Funky music, and enjoy it as we do!

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