Concept Circles expands the frames and opens new battle format

Nastya Goncharuk, 2020-09-28

The September 27th best Ukrainian dancers gathered on a Concept circles battle to exchange the vibes after a long break.

Official Concept Circles page:

Concept circles

The conception of the battle was unusual. There were four nominations, where selections were in 4 different circles: hands, legs, floor, personal concept.

This format was provided for dancers of all styles, however, dancers were restricted by the rule of the circle and the style of music – hip hop.

At the beginning of each circle (hands, legs, floor), the main judge – Maximus Mad State, chose two best representatives of the circles to be special judges. The last ones selected the top 8 dances for battles. When the finals of each circle became, finalists chose one of the special judges to form 2×2 battle, and the winning two, in the end, battled against each other in the Superfinal.

The conception of the personal concept:

The main judge gave his personal move to choose the top 8 variations on it. In the battle, dancers of this nomination showed their strongest skills and tricks in short rounds. In the final, each participant variated the opponent’s concept (two answers per participant).

The results of the event are next:


One of the organizers, Bogdan Fedoristov / Nikelodeon, shared his thoughts: “We tried to do almost impossible in hard times, we combined in a small cozy hall 8 styles and 3 generations of dancers. We do it all for our dancers, and our community can rely on us. Our culture is alive, create, and improve it, and we will return with new strength, so to be continued…”

“Gratitude to the @conceptcircles team for the incredible inspiration. Last night revived me, gave an understanding of how and where to move next.”, said Wood.lander in his latest post.

“I was fascinated to work at this festival, because of the fresh format of the festival. I have already heard a lot of good responses about Concept circles, that is why I hope this kind of battles will develop and, in the nearest future, we will hear about new interesting ides.”, said a member of the battle team – MC Drone.

Organization: Dream Team School, Bogdan Fedoristov / Nikelodeon, Sofia Kolomiets / Flem, Honcharuk Anastasiia / Ivanka, by supporting Explosion Battle and DroneShmot.

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