Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 12

Durshlag, 2020-12-14

1. LawlessProd – Phantom

Total cool stuff that will be very suitable for the most avid dancers. This is the same track, the style of which can be heard at such major events as the Ghetto Style Fusion Concept.
Must be in Hip-Hop Freestyle Music плейлист!

2. Johnny Burgos x Jonny Tobin x Lindsay Lucas – 2021

A great collaboration of cool artists who made a funky, quality track. Light tune and the cool bass line will appeal not only to hip-hop dancers but also to Popping dancers.

3. JAKE MACK x DirtontheTrack – Leffo Flats

This selection will continue with a track in the style of Grime. The beat is simple but very catchy, the motive immediately cuts into the head.
The track is about some of the fun times we had growing up in Western Sydney, Australia. The title ‘Leffo Flats’ comes from the slang-name of an area, Lethbridge Park, where the artist spent a lot of time in his teenage years doing a lot of things he shouldn’t. This is a fun song, it is also catchy and hard enough to get your head moving! 

4. Lyrical L – Never Talk

Moving on to the more lyrical component of our collection. This time it’s a track from Lyrical L and his single “Never Talk”. Unlike the rest of the tracks, this one turns out to be a bit uptempo.
In “Never Talk” Lyrical touches on the topic of being isolated from toxic energy in order to achieve success and noticing people will “Talk” no matter what happens. This is a record relating to those facing social adversity.

5. Pacewon – One Mo’ Time

Boom bap stuff from Pacewon appears in our selection on “One Mo ‘Time”. The guitar parts and of course the samples add great melody. It is the samples that add that very Jazz flavor that our listeners like.


It’s time to slow down a little. Great electronic part on PEDR0 track “Satisfaction”. A quality downtempo track with cool percussion. Despite its pace, it will be to the liking of many dancers.

7. Britizen Kane – More Than (BGR – Miss R Lee, D.Tail, RaggZ, ANTI)

Great track from Britizen Kane together with cool artists made a collaboration called “More Than”.
A good beat and a lot of different flows, that’s what you need.

8. Enrythm – Wood Boy

Enrytm is the man who makes music specifically for dancers, so you will love the track he recently presented for you called “Wood Boy”.

9. yunis – Afterglow

It’s time for heavy artillery. A very groovy and strong electronic track from yunis. For fans of heavy downtempo rhythms, it will be an excellent filling of their freestyle dances

10. TroyBoi – Mother Africa

And we’ll finish off with a track from one of the dancers’ favorite artists – Troyboi. His track Mother Africa will be an interesting addition to our playlist.
Fine structure and sampling combined with Troyboi’s signature style give a cool dance sound.

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