Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 13

Durshlag, 2020-12-21

Almost the last collection of tracks this year! Let’s listen to what the artists have prepared for us

1. Whitest Taino Alive – Que Salsa

Let’s start with a great track from Whitest Taino Alive called Que Salsa. Cool vibes with Spanish flow are a breeze.
Great track to start this week.

2. GFC – Another Day

The second track is a great mix of different genres of Grime, Melodic Hip-Hop, Trap. The track from GFC is called Another Day.
A great addition to our Hip-Hop Music for Street Dancers playlist.

3. Duhon – Stressed Desserts

Great groove and rhythm from Duhon on Stressed Desserts.
Stressed Desserts continues the story of Duhon’s journey inside his own world. Materialistic things don’t seem to excite the rapper but when everything is going his way there seems to be a barrage of people squandering to be apart of his limited circle. This track delivers great quality, a catchy hook along with no autotune which adds a more refreshing element to the song.

4. DBangz – Medusa

We continue our selection of Conscious Hip-Hop with a track from DBangz called Medusa.
The good beat and cool flow of DBangz make for an inspiring atmosphere on the dance floor.

5. Laz – Want from Me

And here are the representatives of the new school in the person of Laz and the track Want from Me. A cool party banger that will rock even the most bored person.

6. KRS-One – Don’t Fall For It

Real hip-hop dad is back. KRS-One with the track Don’t Fall For It shows who the real father is.
The track was released on his last album Between Da Protests.

7. Nail – Hot Funky Pepper

For fans of hot funk and dancing. Nail from Ukraine will release their debut single on the Danceproject label Hot Funky Pepper.
Let’s Fun Together!

8. Funky Bijou – Karate Break

Another break release this week from the well-known Funky Bijou. Powerful sound as always! Check it out!

9. Ivy Lab – Blonde

For experimental music lovers, Ivy Lab has released a cool instrumental track in their signature style.
Recommended for listening.

10. Lenny x MCTR x Golden Child – Samuya

We’ll end the selection with a harsh Trap sound from Lenny, MCTR, Golden Child called Samuya.
Strong quality, it is recommended to listen to powerful bass-boosted speakers!

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