Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 3

Durshlag, 2020-10-05
Hip Hop Dance music

This is our next compilation of tracks that we pick for our dance community
Get ready for some hip hop dance music 😉

We want to start our compilation with a nice, calm, smooth, and groovy track by WTVRR called Free. A good mixing, this is the first thing that catches your eye 🙂
At the same time, a calm beat is combined very well with a rather fast rap

Gudm – Worthless

The instruments selected in this track are very summer. It will be a great addition to your fall playlists! And the track itself will decorate your autumn weekdays. The very motive of this track jams very much and after the second listening, you have to listen at least twice more. I recommend

This song comes from a place of smiling through the pain of self doubt or questioning ones worth. The style is fun, jokey and happy while the content of the lyrics are a little more serious and introspective in tone. The juxtaposition there being a reflection of smiling through unhappy times.


Spencer Bonds x 4DHxH – Marauder Zoom

A very energetic track from Spencer Bonds’ new album “Daze B4 BlueBeam”. This is a track that starts pumping right from the first note. As you know, dancers are not very fond of warming up and immediately love “meat”! And this track is about it!


Bombs Away x TANKYU – Get Haunted

Halloween is near. And this means that it’s time to recharge yourself with high-quality and “scary” music for this holiday.
This time we want to introduce you to the composition Bombs Away, which just blows the roof off and perfectly goes to your Halloween dance sketches!

Hey everyone, here’s a new song just in time for Halloween! It’s great for gym playlists, gaming playlists, or getting pumped up at a house party! It uses the well-known Bombs Away vibes mixed with TANKYU’s crazy bass antics!

Bombs Away

dp888 – YES I AM

Usually, we don’t share autotuned stuff, but this is another thing.
dp888 drops his interesting, groovy single where music and autotuned voices complement each other.
This is totally a club banger, which can rock the crowd easily.
Check it out!

Yung Gravy – oops! 

We love old school, and we also love it when it is reflected in modern tracks.
This composition by Yung Gravy is called oops! from the last album a great reference to the track Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. This kind of hip hop dance music really could be loved on some party 😉

Laurentis – SO Sweet

The track starts out quite slowly and calmly, but the change in motives and melody at 37 seconds just makes you get up and start dancing. At the same time, the track is built quite literally, when the energetic parts change calm and even. A must for listening.


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