Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 4

Durshlag, 2020-10-12

Charodey Jeddy – Back With Da Flow

Let’s kick off this week with a fresh release of Charodey Jeddy called Back With Da Flow. This one is one where new experimental ways and old school vibes are met. For sure check the part starts from 35 second! Enjoy the sound and dance.

AlbySound x Outrageous Karina – I’m Great

a collaboration of great artists – AlbySound and Outrageous Karina. What we like in this composition is samples and very cool, live bass. In addition, using percussion is a very cool addition for street dancers, because they love variability and places in the track to show their musicality.

Mi$taHyde – Third World

Finally, we can write some words about this composition 🙂
In fact, when a track starts with a piano melody, we get a little wary. This usually means that there will be a fairly lyrical and melodic track. But this track is not about that. Third World is just that club banger track, which is famous for its cool melody, good words, and a powerful kicks.
In general, dance and enjoy.

Spec Kay – BARRY

We make our weekly selections quite variable, so such tracks also fall into it. I like the composition of the Spec Kay just for its old school sound. Turn the sound on, relax and enjoy interesting melody.

The song ‘Barry’ is rooted in wishful thinking and determination

Spec Kay

I.Amforty – Stat Sheet

I like that the beginning of this track is not too long and you immediately feel this deep bass.
The hook on this track just goes in the head and doesn’t come out for several hours. I advise you to listen to the rap speed at 20 seconds – it’s a thrill.

OMG Collective – Bounce

There are tracks that you listen to and they come straight to you and you cannot explain why. This dancehall track is exactly that. Maybe that name of the track describes the track, because you listen it and you dance to it 😉

OMG Collective – Bounce (Official Lyric Video)

Mask – Blooper

Here is some Gangsta Grime Rap 🙂 This is a kind of music that you can listen at some rap bpm battles. But this is not a battle, this is a Mask going hard on that beat.

Cliff Savage – Cookin’ Up

JASE. – android 17.

Nice, groovy, and bouncy track. The hook of the track is going hard and we love how an artists worked on his voice there. As for the melody – percussions used there are pretty awesome.

The message behind the song is that I’m part human, part unfeeling machine. You can’t stop me and your words can’t get to me. You can’t drain my energy and I just keep going. I


Maneikis – “CONCUSSION” 

The last track of this compilations is the the track from Maneikis. It has interesting vibes, and the video production is what really impressed us.

Concussion is a dark satire focusing its black light on the nefarity of the creative industry and the toxic stereotypes lurking in entertainment.

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