Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 5

Durshlag, 2020-10-22
Hip Hop dance music of the week, vol. 5

Another week and another compilation of hip hop music for your dance inspiration and freestyle. Let’s dive in and find what interesting stuff we prepared for you

Aryan x Trebonius – Maybe

Let’s start slowly enough this week
This is a new track from Aryan x Trebonius, great for rocking your ears. I really like the guitar part and how it all fits with the vocals.

Base TheBaller – I Got the Juice

I like this track for its sluggishness. In terms of quality, it resembles the style of western hip-hop school.
It is very difficult to describe the track in general, you have to feel, listen, and hear it!
And this is what I recommend you do right now.

Jeris Johnson – damn!

Aaaand we continue with some downtempo groovy stuff here. This song is getting viral on Tik Tok, but this is not, what we want to write. Despite of this the track has some really good bass and vocals over it. Nice, quality production is what we love!

About Jeris:

Former metalhead turned pop scientist Jeris Johnson uses his diverse pallet to bring a unique edge to the alternative-pop world. By blending raw energy and grit with hooky melodies and bold emotions, Jeris is sure to leave a lasting imprint. Experimenting with his own duality of grunge and beauty, Jeris Johnson gives the listener a unique experience unlike any other.

bbno$ – on one (feat. Blow Fever, [email protected])

Want some bangers? We have interesting for you.
bbno$ recently released his new album called “good luck have fun” and the track on one of the bangers placed there! For sure you will love not only this track, but the whole album.

Good People – Silent

We need to switch our mood a little bit, so check the brostep track from Good People called Silent. For sure a perfect pick for upcoming Halloween.

Flyana Boss – Jenny

Let’s continue with the heavy bass now! This is a new single from the female rap duo Flyana Boss. Their new hip-hop track must be added to your car playlist with hip hop music in it. And when you hit a play button just groove with them.

it reflects our sense of humor, hope you enjoy the bass!

Flyana Boss

Genra – Joe Pesc

Switch of the energy, vibe, emotion, and back to some old school mood.
This is a recently released new single from Genra called Joe Pesc. We really enjoyed the catchy instrumental part with a deep bass groove and nice rap over it. Check it out.

404vincent – Booted Up

Another club banger here ready to hit your speakers. Sometimes you can meet the track you want to listen to again and again. And the track Booted Up from 404vincent exactly that track. Really a nice hip hop music for your dance

the brand new track carries a steady, distorted beat and flexes the 20-year-old’s lyrical prowess as he describes the therapeutic process of letting go of people and things that no longer serve you.

Cakeswagg – Ferb & Phineas

The new school is already here in the form of a new track by Cakeswagg called Ferd & Phineas. A classic vibe of this direction with high-quality mastering has sedated another bomb for your freestyle hip hop dance.

“Ferb & Phineas” is a slight departure from the Cakeswagg people know and love since it’s a big record with a gigantic beat to match. Although it still has my signature flare in terms of delivery and style, I experiment with my voice, tone and flow. 


Enrythm – Boom Trap

And the last track from this compilation is the track from Enrythm, well known in street dance culture, called Boom Trap. What we love in this track is the boom-bap groove mixed with some electronic, trap stuff. Really a good pick for street dancers. This is just one track from his latest album “Underground X”, which you can find on Spotify.

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