Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 7

Durshlag, 2020-11-07

Let’s jump into the new week of the compilation of hip hop dance music.
New heats, bangers and chill music inside. Welcome

1. Joesix – Beauty Queen

Let’s start this week with a nice funky track from Joesix called Beauty Queen.
Of course, November is already on the calendar, but we want good quality summer music. This is what we liked about this artist’s track. anyway, we dancers should check it out.

2. YB Fern – Ridin’ With the Realest

This is what we called hip hop dance battle music. The first thing that catches you here is the beat and melody, and then in a collaboration with vocals, this track just hits your mind with punchlines.

Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky, YB (Your Boy) Fern is relatively new to the music scene, releasing his debut single “Ridin’ with the Realest” in the Fall of 2020 as a tribute to his home state.

3. Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas – Shelter In Place (feat. Blacastan)

This week’s variety continues, after the “classic” battle track, we move on to a massive, harsh old school sound from Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas. The melody itself is a bit like the motives of the Wu-Tang Clan. A must-listen for classical lovers.

The sense of urgency in Vangarde’s new single, “Shelter in Place,” is palpable from all parties involved, from the powerful lyricism of Mr. Lif and guest Blacastan, to the driving production courtesy of Stu Bangas.

The track stems from Vangarde’s self-titled debut LP which potently demonstrates the tipping point felt by so many in our society. Of course, for thoughtful lyricists like Lif and Blacastan, they’ve already been through the bullsh*t and have called out politicians and world leaders for years now. But now? We’re beyond it, and we can’t just sit idly by and hope for things to get better.

5. Jonnie Morris – Tic Tac Toe

Currently “classic” rap stuff from Jonnie Morris. Sound and vocals with back vocals reminds us of the DMX stuff, which has a good rate among hip-hop dancers and music lovers. Update your playlist with some good stuff 😉

Tic Tac Toe describes in detail the story of a Young man, who through much adversity and pain, never gave up on his dreams and continues to fight for them daily. With the mentality to never give up, Jonnie continues to aggressively asset himself into the minds of many.

Jonnie Morris

6. Jay Willa x Dame-O – Look

Interesting light melody and flow from Jay Willa and Dame-O.

An instant party starter. Energetic throughout the entire record. Slick lyrics coupled with a great vocal performance ensures that this track will be played for years to come.

7. Jaye De Luminist – Watch

Woooo. Really cathchy melody and the vibes of the track, even from the start. You should make hip-hop dance under that track for sure. We dance – so you dance.

In a time of conflict and uncertainty, “Watch” premiered. Through the song’s lyrics, sound and flow, Jaye expressed his thoughts and emotions/feelings on the current global and political situation, bringing out action-packed punchlines that tackle/hit on symbology and sacred geometry. A hard beat radiates apocalyptic vibes and a metal-inspired sound. This trap track, produced by the XUE Beats, features wicked rhythms and creepy, catchy melodies interwoven with complementary lyrics.

Jaye De Luminist

8. BIGkmrt – Watch!

First time in our compilation we got 2 tracks with the same name 🙂
As for this one – is the Speaker Killa! Want to move your head under the amazing bassline – here it is.

The song WATCH is simply to tell everyone that you can really do anything and if you don’t believe it, just watch me.


9. salla x ethanplus – porky

Young producer salla in collaboration with ethanplus recently released their new banger which is good fit for hip-hop street dance scene.

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