Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 8

Durshlag, 2020-11-16
Andrey Stylez at Dance Your Style by RedBull 2020
Andrey Stylez @ Dance Your Style by RedBull 2020 // Photo by rusalka_nastasi

Sikh Wiz-Dum – Dilemma

A conscious, up-beat, lyrical display of abilities to perfectly blend a great hard-hitting vibe with lyrical substance.

Sikh Wiz-Dum is a New Age Rapper from Milton Keynes, UK who is putting his own spin on substance-based reality rap, a style often overlooked.

SUMiT – Ace of Spades (feat. Fabolous)

Light start and continued with hard bass line and straight energy – this is what you should expect from the track by SUMiT and Fabolous.

Both parts of SUMiT and Fabolous are dope, so this one must to be appeared in your street dance playlist.

Roane – King Midas

In the dance community, we called these tracks like “classic” skr skr rap.
We want to dilute the current selection with the harsh Gangsta Rap that you get by listening to the King Midas track from Roane

Kit DH – Ten

Crazy flow by Kit DH makes this lo-fi beat feels so dope, energic, and vybie. The hook of the track going to sit in your head for a while

Khalif Bryant – Mr. Bryant

This one is a “classic” battle beat for street dancers and for sure is the “must” track in your dance playlists.

Afta Hill – Bop

Meet a new single by Afta Hill “Bop”. This is a nice energic upbeat track for your hip hop dance freestyle.
Nice groove with the melody made this track a gem and placed in the category “must” for street dance playlists.

Frio Gio – Pockets Fat Like Popo

Heat banger from Frio Gio is here with the name Pockets Fat Like Popo.
Bring some bass stuff to your speakers and enjoy this energetic sound

DonB the Artist – Allergic

Want some interesting vibes. Here it is. DonB the Artist drops his new single “Allergic” with a slogan “Allergic to bullshit” In this track we really enjoyed some Cuban motives, connected with the vocals and beat make it interesting and should have a place in your dance playlist.

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