Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 9

Durshlag, 2020-11-21

New week, new compilation. Here we go 😉 

1. Chali 2na – Comin’ Thru (2020 Version)

My acquaintance with Chali 2na was just from this track, which was released more than ten years ago. And I am very pleased that today I am happy to share the 2020 version of this track.
This track rocks me and I am sure that it will rock you too.
It’s a classic, but a good classic. Check it out

2. Frio Gio x Novii – IM NICE

“An upbeat, energetic, and aggressive vibe” – this is how Frio Gio describes his track. And it’s hard to deny. The track is really energetic, and those of you who love such a kind of beat will enjoy it.

3. Will EsCargo – Supa Ill Wit It

A hip hop song that sounds like it came right out of the 90’s by Will EsCargo.
This week we want to bring you some additional Old School music. Do we need to describe the “classic” stuff? I think no. Turn you speakers and start practice with your dance.

4. Jay Kila – MALLYA

Mallya is an action-packed trap banger inspired by the iconic and controversial founder of Kingfisher Beer – Vijay Mallya. Featuring heavy production and turn-up lyrics this is one to get you pumped up.
This is a kind of music you would love to hear in the hip-hop dance battle.

5. Tbi$h – Endless Trips

Let’s mix our compilation with something different. For example with the Grime stuff from Tbi$h in the track Endless Trips.

“Endless trips” is about times where it feels like the cycle will never end. From purging to trapping the lifestyle or cycle can be hard to break for most especially the brothers who get into it. Being able to express it through music lets them know we can all related and know how it can really get, but in a positive light too. The music and things that can happen in the track are realistic and really can happen.


6. Zed Kenzo – Racist

Another banger music in our compilation comes from Zed Kenzo in the track Racist. What we love in this track – is the groove and how it changes through the track in different ways (by music or the flow).

It’s really just me talking shit. It has nothing to do with racism, we just thought the instrumental was funny and provocative.

Zed Kenzo


7. Ash M.O. – NIFA

Party banger is here from Ash M.O. in the track “NIFA”. Groovy stuff would be loved by street dancers and should appear in their playlists as well as in the playlists of battle and party DJs

With NIFA, (which was definitely not supposed to be called NIGGAFAGGIT, until streaming services refused to upload it, citing their very consistent editorial discretion) Ash M.O. looks back to a different time… a time before racism was defeated by an avalanche of black squares and hostility towards Queer people vanishes for one month a year when the corporate rainbow flag is hoisted for pride month.

8. Ch!mes – Say Cheese

Meet a new, Interesting electronic stuff from Ch!mes in the track “Say Cheese”.
Lovely and groovy vibes perfectly fit your playlist and freestyle.
Check it and dance to it!

9. Splash Downey – Bowser (prod. Fantom)

Interesting melody and vibes from Splash Downey in the track Bowser. The melody based on the sample elements from the video games. And we all know that such kind of music is loved by the street dancers.

10. Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore (Feat. Ohmega Watts) – Har Hanz

Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore’s collaborative new single, “Har Hanz,” is a celebration of hip-hop as we know it.

Cool old school vibes will find you in this track. A lot of dancers love to dance and listen to old school music – we are sure, that you like it.

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