Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 6

Durshlag, 2020-10-26

New week, new music, new inspiration for hip-hop dancers. Let’s take some coffee and listen for a good music.

Danceproject Hip-Hop picks of the week, no. 6

1. Trahma – Bump That

I love it when there is an active combination of different styles, genres, motives and samples in music. We would like to present the track Bump That by Trahma, which begins with recognizable mexicano-Spanish motives, and then is filled with the artist’s flow, creating a complete musical picture.

2. Spencer Bonds x Psychosloth x AP250 – Nookie

How do we want to start our week? We want to start it with breaking the speakers from hard bass. Spencer Bonds has already appeared on our pages and it’s time to meet him again with the cool banger Nookie

Paying homage to the Nu-metal band Limp Bizkit, Spencer brings his psychedelic energy to this hard-hitting rager accompanied by Inland empire artist Psychosloth & AP250.

3. Don Pablito – West Coast (ft. G Perico)

Variety is important for street dancers. This track gives this West Coast Pepper that will hit the dance floor for fans of cool, high-quality music.

A west coast anthem to ride out to. Don Pablito’s flow is unmatched in this instant classic on his “BiggieJiggaDon” album.

4. SMAC – Show Me What You Got

Want to go to the gym?
Want to wake up?
Want to do some hip hop dance?
On this one, you can do everything. Let’s listen to some bangers.

This song is a collaboration between rising local Fort Lauderdale, FL Artist “SMAC” and established Classic Banger Producer “Dj Kidd” of Olive Branch. This song is a high energy, riding, raunchy club hit. It’s prime for club nights and strip clubs but it’s a vibe anytime you want to GET UP or TURN UP!

5. Krispy & The Pooch x J.Lamotta x Matt Paull – The Gutter

What you will do when you hear the first note of the track – is to move your head to the beat. This is a “chili” & really hot track from incredible artists from different countries. For sure need to listen to not just this track but others as well from their Drop the Needle EP.

The Gutter is where you end up if you take too much advice from the devil on your shoulder. Our friend J.Lamotta is this, while Krispy tells the story or sticking true to who he is after rising from ‘the gutter’

6. Demi Day – Do It All

Dope bass line with increadible flow by Demi Day makes “Do it all” track really interesting single with a good fit to the “hip hip for street dancers” playlists.

Lamps are to light what “Do It All” is to a renaissance emcee like Demi Day. The aggressive verses immediately capture the audience within the first second of the song. Day wastes no time giving a public service announcement of her many talents and growing success. The masterful drill beat production makes this record an exhilarating and unforgettable auditory ride.

7. O Fresh x Spitty – Overtime

A high-quality collaboration of the O Fresh with Spitty made this banger stuff for street dancers a good gem among the tracks in their playlists.

“Overtime” is a collaboration with Toronto lyricist, Spitty, who I met online through mutual friends during COVID.
This Houston-Toronto combination brings two sides of the world together in a braggadocios, high energy, and powerful hype song that also embodies the dark thematic elements of Halloween.

8. Swamp Thing – Grindhouse

Real Halloween hip-hop is here. Old school tunes are infused into every note of this melody. Street dancers love to go back to the roots in the music taste. And this is the melody that does it for them.

Toronto’s three-headed rap monster, Swamp Thing (Timbuktu, Chokeules & Savilion) has a ritual of delivering spooky, heavy-duty thunderclaps every Halloween. With their newest release, not even 2020 could stop them. 

9. Bailz Pagliacci x ObrigxDo – Last Bite

While listen the banger stuff you need to have an oasis to stay for a little, chill, before making a step forward. Nice light melody you can listen in the new track by Bailz Pagliacci and ObrigxDo called Last Bite.

10. Hill Harris – I’m Back

The quality stuff is here. Everything in this track placed in the appropriate place. Want to chill, to relax, to dance – you can do all these things under this track.

With renewed energy and focus “I’m Back” re-introduce Harris’ meticulous flow on this groovy jam that reminds people, Harris’ is back and really… he never left.

11. Danny del Ray – Rise

Real club banger. From the first kick and the melody, this kind of the track you want to dance to.

This beat was stemmed when free styling in Iraq with locals on my first tour of duty. I believe this is one of the realest songs any soldier has ever written

12. Rota x Lucca Tunes – Knives

Straight beat, and wise usage of the guitar. This track rocks hard. The beginning of the track starts slowly, but the emotions and vibes have a good turn at 25 seconds and this part especially stays in your head.

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