Dandelot – Americana [Hip-Hop]

Durshlag, 2021-05-30

Dandelot - Americana

Dandelot – Americana

In this track, Dandelot are treated to a euphoric and exciting exploration of American culture. At once a recognition and a critique, Americana’s lyrics center on some of the dominant ideals of American culture, such as success, happiness, passion, and determination, and reflect on their effect on cultural life.

Discussing the thematic inspiration behind “Americana”, Dandelot says: “The track is sort of meant to relish in the idea of ‘Americana’ while showing the darker underbelly of it at the same time. To critique some of the cultural messages while trying to have fun with it simultaneously. I think both the music and the lyrics reflect that.”

This track with it rhythm, melody and vibe worth to be present in the Hip-Hop dance music playlist. So listen, enjoy and dance.

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