Diana Ezerex – Memory Lane [Funk]

Durshlag, 2021-04-11

Diana Ezerex - Memory Lane

Diana Ezerex – Memory Lane

Memory Lane is the first single of Diana Ezerex’ debut album “My Past’s Gravity”, to be released 25 June 2021.
The song is about looking back at everything you have already experienced.
It reminisces. It looks back and forward at the same time. It is about our past – where we come from, our presence – where we are at now and our future – where and especially who we want to be.
It’s about the decision not only to survive circumstances but to experience and learn from them – to live.
Although we don’t see it on people‘s faces, everybody has experienced and gone through so much to hopefully come to a point where they can confidently say, “I’ve been through this. I can do this. And now I’m standing here, trying to make the best out of the situation and look forward.”
The music video will show scenes of a dancer and of boxers fighting and overcoming setbacks. It will be out shortly after the release of the song.

Listen to this track:

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