B-Girl Kastet: I really want to continue to grow and return to the ordinary life that was before the covid-19

Durshlag, 2020-12-21

The RedBull BC One World Final 2020 ended and we decided to ask a few questions to the winner of this competition among all B-Girls, who took this title for the second time in a row B-Girl Kastet (Natali Kiliachikhina)

b-girl Kastet @ RedBull BC One 2020 Finals

b-girl Kastet @ RedBull BC One 2020 Finals

How do you feel after winning? What are your emotions, thoughts after taking 1st place at Red Bull BC One World Final 2020?

Now that almost a week has passed since the victory, there is already a complete realization that I won. Of course, I’m glad. I’m glad that I managed to defend my belt twice to become a champion. Glad, very glad. I don’t even know what to add more to this.

I really want to grow up and I want to return to the ordinary life that was before the covid. Go to championships, train. There is hunger, he is not tired of this victory, so I intend to develop further, train, learn from the best.

How did you prepare for the event? How long did you train before? In addition to dance training, perhaps you also had a gym, a specific meal schedule, etc.?

This year I was told about Red Bull about 2-2.5 months before the event. I just practiced as usual. But then closer to the time, after I lost b-girl TATA in the final at ROBC 2020, I was very upset because of the way I dance, I realized that something needs to be totally changed, I realized that I want to learn from the best dancers and that’s why I thought about who and for me, probably in the world, who I would like to learn from is Robin. Therefore, I went about 3 weeks before my flight to Salzburg from Moscow and coached with Robin, absorbed knowledge from him.

I Trained mainly by breakdance and that’s it. I don’t go to the gym, I dance, I stretch, I do yoga. From something specific I would say it was learning to breathe because I have problems with breathing, I forget about it all the time, and now I purposefully tried and learned to breathe and concentrated on breathing during my dance.

Nutrition – I just eat, I am omnivorous, except sugar, I try not to eat it. But now, after the victory, I’ve forgotten a little and celebrated with cakes and all sorts of sweet gifts. Celebrated the victory. But now I again return to my type of food. I repeat, I eat meat and fish, everything except sweets.

Can you tell us a bit about the atmosphere at Red Bull BC One this year?

The atmosphere at Red Bull BC One this year was special. And it wasn’t bad. There were no spectators, but there were screens behind us, where our loved ones could connect via Zoom and cheer for us. It was cool. Since there were no spectators, Red Bull did a lot to make this atmosphere cool and there, as it was seen from the video, how our holograms were leaving, it looks awesome.

The location, how everything was done, the sound – everything is very high quality. Yes, there was no grove of the crowd, but there was an atmosphere of such complete immersion, music. There is only music, you and the dance floor and your opponent. Kind of intimate dialogue, although it is not intimate, there were broadcasts all over the world, but it was cool. I like it.

This is the second time you’ve won the title of the strongest b-girl according to Red Bull. This is a powerful achievement. Tell me, what’s your secret?

It seems to me the secret is that these victories there, they do not exalt me ​​to the top of self-satisfaction. I can say that I almost have this self-satisfaction and it does not make me some kind of star, but on the contrary. I want to develop, even more, I want to prove to myself first of all that I can, that I am a strong person, that when it’s hard for me I can still work. This year, probably the secret was that I trained, prepared, there was a strong dedication in training.

But when I walked, before the battle, I understood that now nothing would change and I could not do anything better, so there was no point in being afraid of losing. I trained, and now it’s just my task to relax, and do as I did in training, and at the same time enjoy the moment, rejoice that I have such an opportunity. Probably the secret of being relaxed in the battle is the lack of fear of losing.

The secret of victory, I don’t know, I think that this is still a case, and for every person who tries, who overcomes his laziness, who strives for something there will be this case in life, you just need to go, try, be an honest, open person, do not be lazy and this will happen to everyone who works.

As I said, I repeated that probably all these victories do not give me relaxation, I want to go further and grow up. And with all these victories, steps, and breaking myself, I prove to myself that I can, that I am a strong person, that I am not a slob, because in fact I am a slob and a crybaby and I have to work to not cry but to continue going.

Which of the participants was your favorite this year (b-girl and b-boy)?

For me there is no such thing as “favorite” or “not favorite” at all, I understand that anyone can win. Everything is decided by the moment in which you are, how alive you are in this moment, how appropriate you can do something, how much you are with the music or not. Therefore, I cannot say about the favorites.

What are your future plans?

It is difficult to make further plans because this whole situation is in the world. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so it’s hard to say. Well, probably, April is the Russian championship. Then if I succeed in winning further this championship in China, Red Bull BC One next year. This is my main bullet points throughout the year. And I don’t know which championships will be there, which will not, we’ll see…

A few words for beginner dancers

I would advise a beginner to learn more information, attend more masterclasses, communicate with professionals, and develop oneself as much as possible from different angles, listen to different points of view and train a lot and try to fight your laziness, well, do not forget about your health, not injure yourself.

Watch the final of RedBull BC One B-Girl Kastet vs B-Girl Madmax 

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