Jae Soto – catholic school

Durshlag, 2021-03-11

All you need to know about this track that you need it in your daily playlist for sure. Vibrant sound and perfect atmosphere, that’s all about this song. Funky beats, melodic jazzy vocals, electronic flow, and a pinch of a new age on the background are finely mixed and balanced.

Jae Soto is the solo moniker of multifaceted Brooklyn-based vocalist Justina Soto. A constant student and listener, Soto uses synthesis, multi-fx hardware, and vocal sampling to transform her sounds and deliver colorful and driving music. Catholic School is self-produced and is a comment on her experience as a young girl in Catholic School. As a young, Latinx girl experimenting with dating in junior high, she experienced a lot of shame and ridicule and this song is a way for her to process her feelings around that experience.

Listen to the track on:

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